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  • dujour.com/culture/lenny-kravitz-strut-interview-pictures/

    Are You Gonna Go His Way?

    At 50 years old, Lenny Kravitz—who’s releasing a new album and his first book this fall—isn’t even close to slowing down More >

  • dujour.com/gallery/instagram-cutest-pets-fashion/

    Creature Feature

    These instagram stars—and their famous owners—prove that fur is all the rage in fashion More >

  • dujour.com/culture/katie-holmes-the-giver-interview-pictures

    The Flip Side of Katie Holmes

    For an actress who became famous for playing to type and then even more famous for marrying against it, the “new” Katie Holmes is surprisingly well-adjusted. You might even call her normal More >

  • dujour.com/gallery/ken-fulk-interior-design-decorating

    The Incredible Fulk

    Ken Fulk is the man responsible for some of the world’s most talked-about events and interiors. Here, a peek behind the curtain of his “magic factory” More >

  • dujour.com/gallery/beauty-makeup-trends-fall-2014

    Bright Eyes

    Highly pigmented shadow is back (again), but this time the look is bold, not pretty: Think the sneakily aggressive blocks of color that Twiggy sported in the 1960s, not subtle washes of pastels that are altogether too demure for fall More >

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