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Toast to Hennessy’s Stylish New Collab

The world’s best-selling Cognac teamed up with Opening Ceremony to create a chic travel bag and cocktail kit

There are several very insightful ways to embrace another culture. You could experiment with culinary traditions, explore the authentic fashions of an area or savor the celebrated spirits that are typically flowing.

As the world’s best-selling Cognac and a fundamentally unique spirit, Hennessy prides itself on collaborating with artists and influencers while maintaining their distinct identity. Hennessy has built a dynasty on their innovative thinking and multi-sensory taste experience. Hennessy X.O, dubbed the world’s first “X.O” Cognac, has been integrated into a list of international cultures for years, including China in 1872,  one of the first global markets to embrace X.O. Today, China remains one of the largest and most powerful markets for Hennessy’s Prestige portfolio – X.O and Paradis Impérial.

To pay homage to China’s everlasting support and the blending of cultures, Hennessy has introduced their “East Meets West” program to showcase traditional festivities in Chinese culture from family gatherings to major holidays. The program celebrates Hennessy’s history while demonstrating its connection with the Asian community.

The most recent addition to the program is the partnership between Hennessy and fashion retailer Opening Ceremony, a brand inspired by blending cultures, seeking adventure and discovering personal style. Co-founders of the fashion brand, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, have been champions tradition for years, and the respect the pair have for cultural exploration is boldly woven throughout Opening Ceremony.

Hennessy X.O “East Meets West” Travel Bag by Opening Ceremony

Hennessy X.O “East Meets West” Travel Bag by Opening Ceremony

By merging two worlds and two brands, Hennessy and Opening Ceremony have created the super chic limited edition Travel Bag, laced with worldly elements and complete with the “East Meets West” ethos. Available for $350, the Travel Bag is a sophisticated gold color that can flawlessly travel from a range of destinations. Stylishly blending Eastern and Western cultures, this bag embodies the spirit of travel, fashion and of course, it holds the iconic shaped X.O bottle, making for the perfect gift.

Opening Ceremony Cocktail Kit

Hennessy X.O “East Meets West” Inspired by Opening Ceremony Cocktail Kit

To accompany the Travel Bag, indulge in the Hennessy X.O “East Meets West” Cocktail Kit, inspired by Opening Ceremony, available December 3. Consumers can pick up a cocktail kit influenced by Opening Ceremony co-founders Carol Lim and Humberto Leon. The cocktail kit includes all the ingredients needed to complete a cocktail recipe that perfectly blends Hennessy X.O with traditional Chinese tea, offering a harmonious flavor. The Hennessy X.O “East Meets West” Cocktail Kit will be available for $204 on cocktailcourier.com on December 3.