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How Collagen Goes Beyond Beauty

Joy Harari, founder of Shore Magic, gets real about the health and skincare benefits of her beauty brand

The fleeting fads and celebrity-endorsed trends that exist in the world of beauty today are boundless. From jade rollers and oils to masks that cover nearly every body part, it can be difficult navigating the sea of options in order to secure firm skin, healthy hair, strong nails–or all of the above. At the end of the day though, beauty and health go hand-in-hand, even if you don’t necessarily seek out the latter (let’s be real, sometimes having a good head of hair can take precedence). This concept runs deep with Joy Harari, certified Health Coach and founder of Shore Magic Collagen, a pure, high-quality hypoallergenic form of collagen, with no dangerous additives, fillers, synthetic vitamins or herbs.

Though taking collagen is a new idea to some, Harari has been working with the product for years, and her passion grew out of her need to help heal children suffering with autism. As a mother and grandmother, and a strong-willed New Yorker, Harari made it a point to create a product that was safe in all categories, and would not accept anything less. “The fact that I was giving it to children and pregnant women was a little scary. I knew it had to be great. I was dealing with a delicate population and people with compromising immune systems,” she tells me of Shore Magic’s roots.

After extensive testing and scientific research, Harari perfected her Shore Magic Collagen, made from wild deep-sea fish that have never been exposed to antibiotics or hormones. Starting with her own New York City community, the collagen gained popularity through word-of-mouth. “I was really just doing it for my clients at first,” she says. “Then I started giving it to friends of mine and it was unbelievable what I was seeing. My nieces started calling it ‘Auntie Joy’s Magic Powder,'” she says through a laugh. Personally, Harari tells me that after taking the collagen for a year and a half, she noticed a keloid scar on her wrist had completely disappeared. Other testimonials show results in as quick as one day. From no longer needing anti-anxiety medication to healed joints, the health benefits were obvious in Harari’s community. To create a business out of her magic fairydust, Harari took a different approach.

Joy Harari, Founder of Shore Magic

Joy Harari, Founder of Shore Magic

“The way to trick people into taking it is to tell them how beautiful it will make them and how young they’re going to look,” she tells me. “I’m the vainest person on earth so I get it. I also think it’s a wonderful thing for people to care about what they look like and want to look better. Why not? [Shore Magic Collagen] makes the world look better and feel better.”

A superwoman with a magic power in the form of powder, Harari has managed to help make the world more beautiful while healing people on the inside at the same time. The beauty benefits range from healthier skin, hair and nails, and with just two tablespoons a day of odorless powder mixed into your water, coffee or tea, who wouldn’t subscribe to this concept? Plus, the high-quality packaging is as beautiful as you’ll feel afterwards, which was an important aspect to Harari. “It’s about what you’re getting in terms of quality and quality control once it is made. I’m not packaging it in junk,” she says. “It’s like my kitchen. I’m going to make sure nobody gets a hair in their food. That’s how I feel about Shore Magic, it’s very personal to me.”

Harari has since turned her passion for healing people on the inside into a more extensive beauty solution, with her organic skincare line made in France. Created with micro-engineered collagen, the line features 11 products including a Line Diminishing Facial Cleanser, Timeless Lifting Eye Cream and an SPF 50 Waterproof Lotion.

So, if trends on Instagram are your thing, by all means, keep up with your diet teas. But, if you’re interested in beautiful (and healthy) results, Joy Harari’s Shore Magic collagen and skincare line have been scientifically proven to be safe and beneficial. As Harari says, why not?