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Ask a Wedding Expert: How to Achieve Flawless Makeup

See top wedding day beauty tips from Tiffany Haddish’s makeup artist Dionne Wynn

From the venue to the weather and everything in between, everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect. Some decisions might be easy to make while other aspects are dependent on outside factors–no, you can’t control the rain even on your big day. One thing that you can definitely have control over is your makeup. It should be flawless for the duration of your wedding day (or weekend) and you do not want to fuss with too many touch-ups. You will treasure those photos forever so, your concealer must withstand a day of congratulations and your lip stain cannot fade after your first official married kiss.

We enlisted celebrity makeup artist Dionne Wynn to let us in on her top tips and tricks for the perfect wedding day beauty look as well as how to maintain the look for a long day. Wynn is the exclusive and personal makeup artist for actress Tiffany Haddish for television, film, public appearances and live entertainment. Dionne has also worked with Jada Pinkett-Smith, Kristin Cavallari, Jonathan Bennett, Josh Duhamel, 50 Cent and many others. Wynn’s first bit of advice is to start with working with the right makeup artist that you trust for your big day. See below for Wynn’s top tips for achieving your best wedding day glamour.

When is the perfect time to apply your beauty look on your wedding day?

On your special day, the perfect time to apply your beauty look is two hours before ceremony so whether it be family or friends stopping by the beauty room to well wish, or even a tender moment with a parent, there’s time for touch ups after tears.

Do you have any products or tips to keep a bride’s makeup staying put without having to reapply constantly throughout the day? 

To get the maximum staying power on your special day, Kohgendo is a good foundation that looks great in photos and won’t transfer on your perfect day. Use a water proof setting powder like Laura Mercier translucent. Also a good setting spray like Melanie Mills to seal the deal.

Which touch-up tools should a bride should carry around on the big day?

A bride’s makeup artist should always have blot papers and lip touch up products on hand at all times throughout the day.