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Auteur Skincare

Auteur Is the Skincare Brand The Experts Are Watching

The German skincare brand, beloved by aestheticians, activates your skin’s own best function and appearance

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Featuring over 100 active ingredients from around the world, all working in synchrony to accelerate cellular repair, German skincare brand Auteur is delivering next level results with its product line. Its encapsulated peptide delivery systems offer enhanced bioavailability and repair capabilities and lower weight molecular densities for better ingredient absorption. With hydration and skin barrier protection built into each formula, no chemical stabilizers or preservatives, each product alone features up to 40 active ingredients.
The products, which pair the best of biotech with certified organic natural ingredients, are showcased in chic, tortoise-shell patterned, refillable glass vessels with plastic-free exterior packaging. Beloved by aestheticians and skincare experts like Melanie Grant and Raquel Medina-Cleghorn, the full-spectrum line includes everything from serums and creams to toners, masks and sun protection. “Auteur’s foundation is their impressive base of next-generation peptide technology,” explains Medina-Cleghorn, of Raquel New York. “The products address a range of factors that contribute to skin aging and work comprehensively to correct them.” The best part is that their ingredients have third-party clinic trials attesting to their efficacy. “Their formulation uses a layering technique, where multiple ingredients addressing the same concerns are used, all of which target that concern in different ways. The formulas are also reviewed constantly, to ensure the most up-to-date and best ingredients are being utilized in the appropriate concentrations.” Both Medina-Cleghorn and Simon use the full product range in their bespoke facial treatments. “I use the powdered Definitive Enzyme Cleanser to gently exfoliate delicate skin, or I infuse the Definitive Line Serum with ultrasound, helping it penetrate even deeper,” says Medina-Cleghorn. “I always apply the Definitive Eye Cream, as I’m completely obsessed and it’s the best eye cream I’ve ever used. I get everyone hooked on it. The Definitive Lifting Toner is a must before LED, as it contains a peptide that converts light into cellular energy, essentially creating photosynthesis for the face. Their moisturizers and Definitive Neck & Décolleté Cream are also beautiful finishing products. I used the Composition No. 1 before my wedding and had the best skin of my life.”