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Annie Caminiti

Associate Editor


Annie is an Associate Editor and manages the social media at DuJour. Her favorite topics to write about are travel and beauty and her social media platform of choice would have to be Instagram. Offer her pizza and she will follow you anywhere.

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    • Ask a Wedding Expert: How to Achieve Flawless Makeup

      Ask a Wedding Expert: How to Achieve Flawless Makeup

      See top wedding day beauty tips from Tiffany Haddish's makeup artist Dionne Wynn

      From the venue to the weather and everything in between, everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect. Some decisions might be easy to make while other aspects are dependent on outside factors–no, you can’t control the rain even on your big day. One thing that you can definitely have ... More

    • Find Inner Peace at NoHo’s New Acupuncture Oasis

      Find Inner Peace at NoHo’s New Acupuncture Oasis

      Traditional practices are coupled with modern aesthetics to achieve supreme wellness at ORA

      Acupuncture, the ancient Chinese practice that involves placing small needles into one’s body at various points, is surging in the wellness world in an effort to improve both inner and outer health. In an era where self-care reigns supreme, ORA, a boutique acupuncture destination located in Manhattan’s NoHo neighborhood, ... More

    • The Weekender: Toronto, Canada

      The Weekender: Toronto, Canada

      Soak in this Canadian city’s trendy art world and growing foodie scene with this travel guide

      Toronto is known for being the home of many celebrities, from Drake to Justin Bieber. But, the Canadian city’s eccentric interconnected neighborhoods that are filled with vibrant personality and differing culture bring a lot more to the table than just celebrity clout. From a booming foodie scene to a stellar ... More

    • Ask A Wedding Expert: Fitness Goals For Couples

      Ask A Wedding Expert: Fitness Goals For Couples

      Find out how soon-to-be-spouses can make time to exercise together with V Shred before their big day

      Sometimes it’s easy to push your fitness and health goals to the back-burner when wedding plans become a reality. When planning for one of the most important days of your life, couples typically want to look and feel their best. The day may come to an end but those ... More

    • 9 Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

      9 Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

      From vintage picture frames to quaint beach glass, impress your guests with these creative table guides


    • Ask A Wedding Expert: Engagement Ring Care

      Ask A Wedding Expert: Engagement Ring Care

      Learn how to keep your rock dazzling with these tips from fine jewelry designer Ashley Zhang

      If you consciously remove your engagement ring (or fine jewelry in general) every time you apply lotion, wash dishes, shower, or even sleep–we applaud you. While we all may strive to practice that behavior, it isn’t always the reality. The more you do with your ring on can directly ... More

    • Room Request! JW Marriott New Orleans

      Room Request! JW Marriott New Orleans

      Get charmed by a centrally located NOLA oasis with artistic nods to the city’s past

      Located on the mega strip of Canal Street in downtown NOLA, the JW Marriott New Orleans is the place to stay if you’re looking for a cultural oasis in the center of everything. Discover the wonders of a luxury hotel, newly renovated to accommodate modern amenities, that ... More

    • Room Request! The Frederick Hotel

      Room Request! The Frederick Hotel

      Abraham Lincoln is said to have stayed at this Tribeca destination back in the day

      Somewhere between azure and cobalt describes New York City’s The Frederick Hotel’s signature palette. This bright, cheery, and welcoming color is featured throughout the hotel and complements its chic merchandise effortlessly, which is exactly what one would expect from an urban, trendy Tribeca boutique destination. But what ... More

    • 7 Eco-Friendly Wedding Aspects

      7 Eco-Friendly Wedding Aspects

      Choose to make a big impact on wedding guests without making a big impact on the planet with these stylish and sustainable elements


    • Room Request! Baker’s Cay Resort

      Room Request! Baker’s Cay Resort

      Discover barefoot luxuries whether you’re deep diving for sea treasures or sipping one of this Key Largo hotel’s 100 tequilas

      The Florida Keys are known for much, i.e. key lime pie or maybe spring breaking in Key West. But, Baker’s Cay Resort, located on Key Largo, one of the Keys’ seven islands, uncovers the adventurous, family-friendly side of the Florida Keys. Located on a former pineapple plantation, ... More