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Roger Vivier Unveils Its First Jewelry Collection

The Emily in Paris actress Camille Razat appears in her first fashion campaign for the French luxury brand

French actress Camille Razat was first introduced to Emily in Paris viewers as Emily’s (Lily Collins) new Parisian friend. In a later episode, it’s revealed the art gallerist is Gabriel’s (Lucas Bravo, Emily’s new love interest) ex-girlfriend—complicating matters further. Offscreen, the actress has a new role as the face of French accessories brand Roger Vivier’s first jewelry collection. The new campaign pays homage to Baudelaire’s classic poem “Les Bijoux.”

Roger Vivier’s first jewelry collection

Roger Vivier’s first jewelry collection

“Camille is a young actress, a great emerging talent,” says creative director Gherardo Felloni. “She’s a mysterious beauty, fresh and lively at the same time.” The jewelry collection plays on the brand’s iconic strass buckle and fashions the object into crystal hair clips, earrings, bracelets and head crowns.

We talked to the 26-year-old actress about her fashion on and off screen.

What does Roger Vivier mean to you as French woman?

It represents French elegance with a twist. They have dressed the most powerful, beautiful women in the world such as Queen Elisabeth II, Marlene Dietrich and Catherine Deneuve. They have always been connected with cinema too.

What are you wearing from the current collection?

I adore the green I Love Vivier pumps with the matching Vanity Strass Buckle Micro Bag. They’re fresh, young and classic. And, even more importantly, comfortable! I’m always a fan of the classic black I Love Vivier pumps and I wear them with the black Miss Vivier Bag for a timeless look.

Roger Vivier’s first jewelry collection

Roger Vivier’s first jewelry collection

How do you see wearing these pieces? 

I can picture myself wearing them with a high-waisted jean, a white shirt and an oversized leather jacket.

Your wardrobe in Emily in Paris has garnered a lot of attention for being chic and a bit more realistic than other characters’ looks. Would you ever wear those looks in real life?

Of course! The stylists Patricia Fields and Marilyn Fitoussi let me choose a lot of my looks so I would totally wear them in real life! I had so much fun wearing them. I can’t stop thinking of my outfit when I had just broken up with Gabriel. I really loved the huge collar on the top. So dramatic!

Roger Vivier’s first jewelry collection

Roger Vivier’s first jewelry collection

When will you start filming season two? Did you have fun with Lily Collins and Ashley Park on set?

We will definitely have a season two and, if things are going well, we will shoot it this year. Lily and Ashley are two incredibly strong and intelligent women who I admire. We really have fun together. They are two little sunshines.

Was it nice to be able to film in your hometown?

Shooting there was amazing because I re-discovered the town with an American point of view. I’m more of a Rive Droite [Right Bank] person so I discovered so many places while we were shooting.