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Where to Travel for Silence

Find your quiet place

Sometimes taking a vacation isn’t always as relaxing as we plan. Living in a busy city (or even a busy household) can cause the urge to flee for a more peaceful destination. Craving quiet? Escape with one of these three vacation ideas, keeping mindfulness at the top of your itinerary.

Silent Dinner at Rancho La Puerta, Tecate, MX

Rancho La Puerta, a 3,000-acre property in Tecate, Mexico, is the original destination fitness resort and spa in North America. Approximately 125 guests enjoy the classic one-week program, arriving and departing on Saturdays, catering to fitness, relaxation, life transitions, empowerment, achieving goals, or being balanced in body, mind and spirit, and more. For many, the seven-day program is a life-changing experience. In terms of digital detox, the Ranch has no TVs in the rooms, and very limited cell service and WiFi in a few lounges on-property as well as a no cell phone policy in public areas. Guests are encouraged to leave laptops, iPhone and iPads at home and fill their day with fitness and pampering including detoxifying herbal wraps. Every Thursday evening, Rancho La Puerta offers its weekly Silent Dinner, a meditative meal enjoyed without conversation, accompanied by inspirational music. In addition, Rancho La Puerta offers guests the option to float in a bath of sound flowing from crystal bowls that are tuned to the physical and consciousness centers of the body. Crystal bowls emit pure sound waves that resonate throughout the body’s tissues and organs.

Silent Dinner at Rancho La Puerta, Tecate, Mexico

Quiet Mind from L’Auberge de Sedona, Sedona, Ariz.

The Quiet Mind treatment offered at the L’Apothecary Spa of L’Auberge de Sedona is designed to assist guests in turning off their minds and fully experiencing the silent massage. The treatment is inspired by the floral essences of Geranium, Bird of Paradise and Passion Flower, all of which help the guest in letting go of distraction and dissolving muscle tension. Therapists attune facial acupressure points while guests practice simple breathing techniques to calm the mind, resulting in a deeply relaxing massage without interruption.

Quiet Mind from L’Auberge de Sedona, Sedona, Arizona

The Mayflower Grace, Washington, CT

Guests are invited to experience the magic of the (nearly) silent Sound Healing therapy at the renown Mayflower Grace Spa. Learn to attune to the silence within through the ancient sound of singing bowls. This effective therapy helps the mind let go of the overloaded frenzy of everyday life, and reconnect with oneself. Much like the ancient Tibetan Bowls, sound bowls can be used as healing tools. Coupling awareness and intent during their use can demonstrably increase their effectiveness. Simply listening to the rich, pure, vibrant tone of a bowl can be deeply relaxing as well as rejuvenating, eliciting a deep state of wellbeing, Sound healing can lead the body into homeostasis, an optimum state for self-generative healing. This special journey includes breath work, meditation, intention setting, and the use of these unique bowls.The treatment is offered in 30 and 60 minute increments for one or two guests and 90 minute increments for groups of three or more guests.

The Mayflower Grace, Washington, Connecticut