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The Best Airplane Seats in the World

The future of flying promises to keep your head (quite literally) in the clouds

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Whether you fly commercial or private, looking out at the clouds never loses its magic, and one new invention promises to take that feeling of soaring like a bird to the next level in a big way. SkyDeck is a revolutionary invention from Windspeed Technologies that will put even the long-coveted window seat to shame by allowing fliers to ascend to the top of the aircraft for a 360-degree perspective of the sky.

Depending on the size of the plane, one or two chairs will sit on a platform accessible by either stairs or an elevator. Once seated on the platform, passengers will have an amazing view of the sky from under a high-tech canopy resembling the cockpit of a fighter jet.

Although SkyDeck is not yet in the final design phase, Windspeed Technologies truly thought of everything possible to elevate the experience. Rotating chairs will allow you to enjoy the view from every angle, a GPS system will keep you updated on the location of the flight and the super-safe canopy can withstand strikes from birds and offers UV protection.

Check out the video below to see it in action and click through the gallery for more pictures.