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Behind the Doors of the Hamptons’ Most Expensive Listings

Bespoke Real Estate offers a bevvy of services for homes listed at $10 million or more

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Luxurious, over-the-top homes have always been a staple in the Hamptons, but prior to launching their own firm, brothers and brokers Zachary and Cody Vichinsky noticed a lack of specialized services for people looking to buy and sell at an ultra-high price point. To remedy that, they started Bespoke Real Estate. The year-old company caters only to listings priced at $10 million or above and offers a concierge-style level of service.

So just what kind of amenities can clients expect when working with the Vichinskys? For starters, these realtors managed to make hitting Long Island traffic en route to your appointment a non-issue. “It is at [a client’s] service to get to the Hamptons in 35 minutes by plane or helicopter,” says Cody Vichinsky. “It’s much quicker and you can obviously cram a lot more in than sitting for two hours in traffic.” Another convenience includes high-quality video tours of prime properties to make it easy for potential buyers to browse homes before venturing out in person. Even better, clients can do their preliminary online shopping using an engraved iPad gifted to them by Bespoke. 

“What we became frustrated with is that this particular section of the market was really treated the same as if you were selling a $150,000 or $500,000 ranch elsewhere in the country,” says Vichinsky. “A lot of brokers will collect as many listings as they possibly can and kind of watch them fall by the wayside. It’s just sheer mathematics that you cannot service 50-60 clients to the best of your ability.” This tailored, above and beyond approach to real estate is working. After one year of business, the firm now represents over $450 million in exclusive listings.

Click through the gallery to see inside some of Bespoke’s most gorgeous multi-million dollar listings.