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Faraway Nantucket

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Visit this seaside retreat with a colorful history

At the heart of Nantucket’s historic center, Blue Flag Partners transformed a former 17th century Meeting House along with three guest houses—the Roberts House, the Manor House, and the Gate House—to create the boutique, Faraway Hotel. The 62-room property, as well as its flagship restaurant, boast a design-savvy narrative influenced by the fantastical story of a young sea captain and her female crew.

“The word Nantucket is actually derived from an Algonquin word meaning faraway place. This was the starting point from which we drew inspiration for the design by telling a story of an imaginary sea captain that set sail in her late twenties with her all-female crew; this expedition was supposed to last several months but ultimately sustained for over a decade as they traveled the seas bringing back treasures, spices and art from around the world,” explains Brad Guidi, partner at Blue Flag Partners. “Faraway, Nantucket has become our muse’s home where she shares this collection with our guests.”

The nautical theme is brought to life by warm blues at check-in, weathered trinkets displayed at Sister Ship Restaurant, aptly-named cocktails like Bow Spritz served in the courtyard and rope fixtures or shell accents in guest rooms.

Sister Ship at Faraway Nantucket

Sister Ship Restaurant at Faraway Nantucket

“Nantucket has become a world class destination for people seeking an escape. As the island has evolved, so has the town of Nantucket with fine dining and shopping abounds. We felt that the time was right to introduce a design-driven property on the island,” says Guidi. Recently opened in May, the hotel is eager for long-term residents on the island to experience the property all year long. “Our goal has always been to embrace and enhance the island’s culture, not to come in and try and change it,” Guidi says. “We work very hard to create experiences that are embraced by not only the newer visitors to the island, but also the residents as well as lifelong travelers to the island.”

These experiences include opportunities to showcase island purveyors, like at their Sister Ship restaurant, which features produce from Nantucket Fog Town Farm and locally-sourced oysters and scallops. The Nantucket Bake Shop supplies the Portuguese bread served at the hotel’s morning coffee bar. And, to encourage guests to explore, every room features an excursion guide which is a collection of their insider’s recommendations, curated explicitly for the guests of Faraway. “We want people to explore the island,” Guidi explains. “When they return, we want their room to be a place where the exploration continues—through layered design, curated music and locally-sourced and beautifully prepared food.”

Below, Guidi shares more about the mission of Faraway and some of the unique design features that make the property so distinct.

Patio at Faraway Nantucket

Patio at Faraway Nantucket

What was the building formerly used for?

The building, which houses the lobby and Sister Ship, is located on 29 Centre Street. This was the site of the historic Meeting House, founded by the Quakers as a place to meet for worship.  Guests can stay upstairs in the Meeting House or one of the other three guest houses: the Roberts House, the Manor House and the Gate House. The Roberts House was originally built in 1846 and was one of the first family homes to be converted into an inn on the island which it has operated as such for over a 100 years.

Can you expand on the idea that Faraway isn’t just a place, it’s a mindset?

Blue Flag has always strived to become a creator of experiences: the “place” is just the stage for our guests’ adventures. Faraway attracts people of similar mindset; those looking to explore the parts of the island that most don’t see.

Faraway Nantucket

Faraway Nantucket

What is the most requested room at Faraway Nantucket?

The most requested room at Faraway is our bunk room. With its four full-size beds and a set of steps to get to the upper tiers, the bunk room can comfortably accommodate four adults or four children with the option of a connecting king room.

What makes the room so special?

It is really fun; the green bunks swim in a sea of jellyfish wallpaper. No one walks into this room without cracking a smile.

What is the rate?

The rate changes per season.

Sister Ship Restaurant at Faraway Nantucket

Sister Ship Restaurant at Faraway Nantucket

What room is your personal favorite and why?

I love the rooms in the Manor House. The high ceilings and the stately woodwork make you feel like you are really staying in a piece of history.

Are there any fun facts about the hotel and rooms?

Our linens are sourced from Bellino in Italy. The bath amenities are from Le Labo. Bluetooth radios from Tivoli. There is a fleet of Faraway bikes that guests can take to explore the island. Our coffee bar serves La Colombe coffee. Our signature scent is a blend of rosewood, cedar, lemon tree, dates, sweet orange, black pepper, incense, cardamon, vetiver, and patchouli.