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The Other Side of Park City

In-the-know locals on how to enjoy their town without seeing a single movie

This week an army of people—actors, directors, assorted Hollywood types and their tightly affixed hangers on—will swarm Park City, Utah for the annual Sundance Film Festival. And while the mountain town does more or less get turned upside down by the visiting film folk, there’s more to do in Park City than just hobnob. And, despite popular opinion, there are places in town to stay that aren’t hotels.

These points in mind, DuJour spoke to Park City residents who are opening their homes via airbnb.com—a popular marketplace that allows users to book unique accommodations around the world—about how best to enjoy their town—even if you never sit foot inside a movie theater.

Jeff recommends grabbing breakfast at Wasatch Bagel Café (1300 Snow Creek Drive), saying, “Great for coffee and a bagel.” And if you need something stronger than coffee, try The Corner Store Pub & Grill (1325 Lowell Avenue). “This outdoor beer bar is a favorite of locals after skiing.”

Aaron, a photographer who splits his time between Park City and Manhattan, suggests visitors “walk to the Waldorf Astoria (pictured right) and have a well-deserved fireside cocktail after a long day on the slopes at the Powder Lounge.” And if it’s sustenance they’re seeking, he recommends the Windy Ridge Café (1250 Iron Horse Drive), saying,  “This is hands down the best lunch spot in town. It’s an off-the-beaten path local hotspot with everything from open faced turkey sandwiches to filet mignon.”

For an exceptional outdoorsy experience, Michelle and Eric, Southern California natives who now call Park City home recommend Utah Olympic Legacy, an activities park on Olympic Parkway.  “There’s a great—and free—museum where you can check out the history on skiing and snow sports,” they share. “And if you’re lucky, [you can] catch the snow sledding and high jump competition going on here!”

Chris, a California-based professional snowboarder with a home in Park City, knows there’s more to a ski town than just the slopes. He suggests a cup of joe at Park City Coffee Roaster (1680 W. Ute Boulevard), a slice at Maxwell’s (1456 Newpark Boulevard) or a night out at Jupiter Bowl (1090 Center Drive), saying, “This isn’t your old school bowling alley; their restaurant is surprisingly good. It’s a fun night out.” And if all the activities left you sore, pay a visit to  Massage Envy (1476 Newpark Boulevard).  “It’s a great place to get a massage after a couple days of skiing,” Chris advises. “Their schedule fills up quickly so call ahead.”



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