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Room Request! The Inn and Spa at Loretto

Take a peek into the most requested suite at this architectural icon in Santa Fe

It’s no surprise that Santa Fe’s Inn and Spa at Loretto claims to be the most photographed building in the entire state of New Mexico. The hotel, which is located at the end of the Old Santa Fe Trail, was designed to emulate the architecturally stunning Taos Pueblo, a UNESCO World Heritage site and national landmark. But despite its historically influenced exterior, the Inn at Loretto maintains a modern sensibility with a full-service spa, contemporary American restaurant and even mini bars stocked with personal oxygen tanks to help visitors ward off altitude sickness. The 136-room property is also home to the only penthouse in all of Santa Fe, making it one of the hotel’s most desired rooms. We spoke to Tom McCann, the Inn and Spa at Loretto’s general manager, about the cultural significance of the property and which room guests request most often.

Inside the Inn and Spa at Loretto

Inside the Penthouse at the Inn and Spa at Loretto

The most requested room:
The Penthouse.

What makes it so special:
There’s only one penthouse in Santa Fe. Plus, it’s our largest room that sits at the very top of the building.  It features five outdoor balconies and 360-degree views of the city.

The rate:  
$1,500 per night

Celebrity guests: 
We can’t divulge the list of celebrities that have stayed with us; however, Suzanne Somers did give us permission.  She loved the suite so much she kindly let us know that we could tell future guests that she’s stayed there and loved it!

Inside the Inn and Spa at Loretto

Inside the Penthouse at the Inn and Spa at Loretto

Your personal favorite: 
Room 301

It’s our second largest room and has a different, more modern design than our other rooms. It also features more space and breathtaking views.

Fun fact: 
The architecture pays homage to the famed Taos Pueblo and is one of (if not the) most photographed building in our state. Additionally, the hotel is said to still be home to Sister George who was one of the Sisters of Loretto that taught at the academy before it burned down. It’s said that Sister George loved cigars, and sometimes guests and employees can smell cigar smoke in certain areas of the hotel.  One of the most popular drinks at the hotel bar is “The Smoking Nun.”  The hotel’s attachment to the historic and iconic Loretto Chapel with the miraculous staircase is a unique feature.



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