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Try This $500 Pizza in NYC

The Bodega Negra creation is infused with Patrón

In honor of National Margarita Day on February 22nd, Bodega Negra has whipped up a very special pizza which you can sample yourself for $500. The indulgent “margarita” pizza takes three hours to make, with the chef adding the colorful ingredients with tweezers to get his desired look. The pizza boasts over-the-top ingredients like glazed lobster, Osetra caviar, black truffles, avocado and mango for an ultra-luxe and delicious combination. 

Created by Chef Michael Armstrong, the pizza takes its inspiration from the Patrón margarita. Chef Armstrong even infuses Gran Patrón Platinum and Burdeos into the final product. He says, “We wanted to create something fun and different for International Margarita Day, something ‘outside the glass,’ so my team and I played around with a bunch of different ingredients.  We came up with the ideas for a twist on the ‘margherita pizza,’ paying tribute to Mexican ingredients found in margarita recipes like mango and even avocado. Then we wanted to give it a boost with tequila itself, so that’s where Patrón came in, suggesting that we use the Gran Patrón line of tequilas, as the Gran Patrón Platinum pairs so nicely with our house crema and Gran Patrón Burdeos works really well as a glaze for the lobster and mango.”

The chef carefully applies the ingredients with tweezers.

If you won’t be able to sample the one-of-a-kind creation before February 22nd, the pizza will still be available by request after the holiday. As for what to pair with the pizza, Chef Armstrong says, “I’d suggest ordering a classic margarita to accompany the pizza. The lime will offer an acidic contrast and brightness and the salt will bring out the avocado’s natural flavor. Plus, the agave flavor of Patrón within the crema and glaze will work really well with the cocktail, blending everything together.”