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10 Apps Every Mom Should Download

From paying bills to planning ahead to peeing (really), these techy secret weapons will make every day as glorious as Mother’s Day

If you’re a mom, you know that Mother’s Day is the single 24-hour period when everyone’s actually out to make your life easier—and maybe breakfast in bed if you’re lucky. But really—does this day have to be such a one-off? Of course not. This year, we’re giving you moms a long-term Mother’s Day gift: 10 routine-streamlining apps that make every day easier, year round. 



Remember the days when you actually had time to read the newspaper, instead of just using it for papier-mâché projects? For moms who miss reading things other than picture books, Instapaper lets you quickly scan your favorite newspapers and bookmark articles you hope to get around to reading. You can save the articles on your device for as long as you need and access them on or offline in easy-to-read text only formats. $2.99-$3.99

Download It: For iPhone | For Android



Let’s face it: It’s hard to find time to just sit back and relax with your family, let alone actually organize the special memories into a photo album or family scrapbook. OurKids serves as a digital on-the-go scrapbook where users can keep a family journal, make photo albums and share it with family members quickly and easily. Strapped for time to even type out the captions? OurKids lets you dictate memos. $2.99

Download It: For iPhone


Charity Miles

For active moms who love giving back but have found less and less time to devote to charity efforts, this app is an answered prayer. With Charity Miles, pick a charity you’d like to donate to and for every mile you run (or walk) using this app, a sponsor will donate money to that charity. Free

Download It: For iPhone | For Android


Mom Maps

Whether you’re traveling with your family or just looking for a new fun spot for the kids around the neighborhood, load up Mom Maps to lead you to kid-friendly venues no matter where you are in the country as well as parts of Europe and Canada, too. $2.99

Download It: For iPhone | For Android


Shop Savvy

Nothing’s worse than purchasing an item only to see it less expensive elsewhere after the fact. But it’s not like you have time to run around comparing prices, which is why you should download Shop Savvy. This app allows you to pinpoint where to get the lowest price on any item just by scanning its barcode. Free

Download It: For iPhone | For Android


Key Ring Rewards Cards

You probably have a dozen of them on your keys right now—those little plastic cards prove your loyalty to your local stores and give you…well…rewards! We understand, which is why we love this app that keeps everything from library cards to gift cards in one place and can be scanned right from your phone. Free

Download It: For iPhone | For Android


Grocery IQ

Turn grocery shopping into a quick and easy task with Grocery IQ. Compile shopping lists from Grocery IQ’s massive database by typing, scanning or speaking the item you need into your phone. With this app, you’ll be in and out of the black hole that is the supermarket in no time. And if your loving husband has offered to do the shopping, simply share your list via the app. No excuses if he forgets something. Free

Download It: For iPhone | For Android



Stay on top of your bills with Check, an app that keeps all your accounts in one place and will alert you when a payment is due. Paying bills has never been this quick and painless. Free

Download It: For iPhone | For Android



Public restrooms are a mom’s worst nightmare, but you’ve probably learned the hard way that when a kid’s gotta go, they’ve gotta go. So, upon hearing the dreaded words, “mMom, I have to pee,” you can either find out what’s lurking behind door number 1, or you can avoid it altogether by downloading the SitorSquat Restroom Finder, an app that will lead you to a public restroom that has seen bleach within the last month—or week if your lucky. Free

Download It: For iPhone | For Android


Calorie Counter and Weight Loss

You spend a lot of time worrying about your children’s health, but who is worrying about your health? This app is. SparkPeople’s Calorie Counter and Weight Loss app provides a food and calorie counter, diet and fitness plans, a weigh-in page and recipes, tracking every aspect of your health so you don’t have to. Free

Download It: For iPhone | For Android



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