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The Jet Set

A new jewelry line lets you flaunt your latest travels like a badge of honor

If you look inside the passport of a well-traveled person, you’re bound to find it adorned with an impressive array of destination stamps. The Holy Grail for travelers, these stamps are a collection of prized mementos from journeys far and wide, but new brand Jet Set Candy is looking to change that.

The jewelry company is giving travel-lovers a chance to show off their collected adventures (and passport stamps!) by way of their très chic collection of cheeky, wearable keepsakes and charms. A perfect complement to sun-kissed skin, the newly launched line includes luggage tag charms featuring IATA codes for airports around the world, kaleidoscope pendants, destination-specific charms (think miniature Champs-Élysées signs and Chrysler buildings), engraved cuff bracelets, bangles and more.

“Ostentatious branding and logos are out (and have been for some time) and experiences and travel are the new status symbols,” said Jet Set Candy Creator-in-Chief Nicole Parker King. “Jet Set Candy lets you wear where you’ve been and show off collected adventures with conversation pieces without the need to whip out your passport.”

Incite your wanderlust and take a peek at the playful collection here.