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The World’s Best Cycling Destinations

Ride with DuVine for the most luxurious biking trips

Opting to ride to class in college and going mountain biking every weekend, Andy Levine knew early on that he had a love for cycling. In 1996, he decided to take his passion to a global level. Being a thrill-seeker, jetsetter and avid cyclist, Levine founded DuVine, an elite cycling and adventure company that operates in more than 20 countries and 50 regions worldwide.   

Celebrating their 20th Anniversary, DuVine has evolved the world of destination biking trips to include exclusive culinary experiences. Thanks to their Chef on Wheels program, selected guests had the opportunity to ride and dine with celebrity chef Seamus Mullen in Costa Brava, Spain last year.

“Our trips are all high-end, but we can take any of our trips and take it to that turbo level. We can turn up the volume,” explains Levine. “For example, some guests will rent a whole floor of a hotel that’s going to cost several thousand dollars a night, a yacht that’s going to be $10,000 a day, a helicopter transfer, a yoga teacher, a pro rider and their own chef. If you already have that lifestyle at home, you want it on vacation. And DuVine makes it happen.”

Here, Levine shares his favorite destinations and local restaurants from DuVine’s premium offerings.

A bike trail with a view of the Pyrenees mountains

Korčula, Croatia 

“After getting off the boat from the island of Hvar and riding across Korčula to Dimitri Palace, there is a 15-mile coastal road with no cars and epic views. Stop for lunch at Konoba to enjoy fresh grilled octopus.”

Provence, France

“Riding a 21k up 9% of Mont Ventoux and down the lavender fields of Sault and descending the Gorges de la Nesque to the Coquillade is an epic, classic Provence day of cycling. 

Mallorca, Spain

“Having chef Luiz’s private cooking class at his seaside home in Mallorca is the best paella in the world.”


“For dinner, our guide Guido’s mother Clara runs a tasting of white truffles and drinking Barolo. You can’t get more Italian local than this.”

Tuscany, Italy

“There is a ride I like to do from Montepulciano to Pienza to Monticello.  It is incredible riding and one of the most scenic roads in the world.  Stop for a café in Monticello.”

Castiglion Del BoscoItaly

“Massimo Ferragomo purchased this 5,000-acre property with a medieval village and transformed it into a peaceful retreat. You can sit on the terrace sipping a glass of Brunello, and look out across miles of unbelievable Tuscan landscape.”  

Sonoma and Napa, California

“I love country stores and one of my favorites is the Dry Creek General Store in Healdsburg, California.  It’s a great place to get local, organic food for a picnic. It has tons of charm and character.”

Bordeaux, France

“Stop for dinner at two Michelin-star restaurant Cordeillan-Bages.  It’s well designed, modern and classic French. Duck goes perfectly with your Chateaux Margaux and I love the molten chocolate cake.