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Join Hilaria Baldwin’s Mommy Network

See how this super mom manages four kids and her latest endeavor, a podcast called “Mom Brain” with Daphne Oz

As I begin speaking with Hilaria Baldwin, co-founder of New York City-based Yoga Vida, author of The Living Clearly Methodmom of four with husband Alec Baldwin and co-host of podcast “Mom Brain” with Daphne Oz, she hesitates and says, “At the moment, my husband is texting me. Let me just text him so he will leave us alone.” She continues with a laugh, “Okay, I’m fully present for you now.” Even with everything on her plate, holidays included, she shows her authenticity and refreshingly honest demeanor.

It is that same casual and comfortable presence listeners can engage with on Baldwin’s podcast, “Mom Brain” (launched in October) with long time friend and fellow mommy, Daphne Oz. Each episode includes an interview with a high-profile mom, along with expert advice, takeaways and a favorite things segment. It’s currently the #1 podcast in Apple’s kids and family category. When asked how they developed the idea for “Mom Brain,” Baldwin explains how the two moms are very different and may make different decisions on how to parent, but the commonality is how curious they are to learn, possibly do things wrong and overall, stay curious for the whole ride. “We want to give a lot of different opinions and just talk to other moms; let’s just talk it all through,” says Baldwin.

Courtesy of @hilariabaldwin

Courtesy of @hilariabaldwin

One specific email that Baldwin and Oz received from a listener was thanking them because they were ‘helping her sanity by being there’ while she stood in her kitchen surrounded by kids throwing things. “That’s what’s so crazy–we’re in a world where people just want to feel connected. They’re so hungry and thirsty for it and it’s so great that we can get on [the podcast] and be real. Being that force feels so special. Being real, present, nurturing,” explains Baldwin. At the end of the day, no matter how many diapers you’ve changed or how many stress-induced sprouting gray hairs you’ve counted, it’s comforting to know that there’s a network of people out there that simply cares.

Whether the two mommy best friends are discussing how your children are never too young to learn about money, dissecting the topic of ‘mom guilt’ or even getting makeup tips from Molly Sims, the simplicity of starting a conversation, staying curious and maintaining a network driven by support is how Hilaria Baldwin manages everything on her plate–texts from Alec Baldwin included.