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On Location with Ex Cops

The rising rockers hit Salt Lake City and get real about life on the road

When Ex Cops hit the road earlier this fall in support of their just-released sophomore album Daggers, the members of the duo weren’t expecting to find themselves communing with nature.

“I live in Denmark, so I’m always close to nature,” explains Amalie Bruun, who sings and plays keys for the group. “It can take a bit of a toll on me to be on the freeway so much, stopping at fast-food restaurants and things like that. America is such a big, spectacular country and you just don’t always have the time to see it. But, when you do, it’s breathtaking.”

Lucky for Bruun, she and bandmate Brian Harding had the chance to commune with the great outdoors during a stop in Salt Lake City.

“We got to go to see nature because it was so close to the venue,” she explains. “We saw the Great Salt Lake, which I’d never seen before, so that was really cool. There was nobody around for miles and miles!”

Inside the venue things were equally impressive. Bruun says that while the band’s latest album, which was executive produced by Billy Corgan, wasn’t even out yet, some fans already knew all the words to their new songs.

Next time the band hits the road, however, Bruun says she’ll be sure to make more time for sightseeing.

“I wish we had more time to see things that aren’t’ related to the shows and venues,” she says. “For instance, I wanted to see Niagara Falls, but we didn’t have time. I’m seeing less than I’d like to, but maybe on the next tour.”