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Adam Rathe is DuJour‘s Features Director. You can find him on Twitter at @adam_rathe and on Instagram at @adamrathe.

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    • Alicia Vikander’s Stunning Rise to Fame

      Alicia Vikander’s Stunning Rise to Fame

      It's been a remarkable year for Alicia Vikander, the extraordinary Swedish actress who's rocketed from unknown to A-list in almost no time at all

      “Don’t you want to say hello to the pretty lady?” Harvey Weinstein asks his 2-year-old son. A skeptical look crosses the little boy’s face, and instead of answering he hovers close to his father, waving his hand and flashing a smile at the stranger in front of him. The adults ... More

    • The Bucket List: Marrakech

      The Bucket List: Marrakech

      Six things you can't miss in Morocco's most exciting city

      Le Grand Café de la PosteCorner of Boulevard el-Mansour Eddahbi and Avenue Imam Malik, Marrakech On any trip to Marrakech, you’re going to eat your fill of couscous and meat cooked in a tagine. It’s what people do. Still, make the time to enjoy the top-notch French-Moroccan fare at this ... More

    • Famous Last Words: Carol Burnett

      Famous Last Words: Carol Burnett

      What the handwriting of one of America's comedic icons reveals is no laughing matter

      By the time The Carol Burnett Show ended its 11-year run in 1978, the weekly variety hit had won 25 Emmy Awards and made comedy icons of many previously unknown stars. And while what happened on-camera has been pored over by millions of devoted viewers, what went on behind the ... More

    • Inside Ron Howard’s Office

      Inside Ron Howard’s Office

      Never mind the toys. This is where the Oscar-winning director gets serious

      Of all the mementos Ron Howard keeps in his Beverly Hills work space, the most eye-catching isn't an award, it's a can of beer. "I did a couple of cameos on The Simpsons that I'm particularly proud of," Howard says, explaining the tallboy of the cartoon's fictional brew on his desk. ... More

    • My First Piece of Art: Wolfgang Puck

      My First Piece of Art: Wolfgang Puck

      The chef who redefined California cuisine—and whose first New York restaurant opens this summer—explains how his dining rooms end up looking like museums

      I’ve had artists in my life since the early 1980s at Spago. That’s when I met Andy Warhol—he did our menus and wine labels—and also when I became friends with Robert Rauschenberg.  When I first opened CUT in Beverly Hills, I was looking for an L.A. artist who could do some ... More

    • Ato Essandoh’s Unusual Climb from Laboratory to Limelight

      Ato Essandoh’s Unusual Climb from Laboratory to Limelight

      How the Jason Bourne star found the formula to become Hollywood’s next big thing

      Ato Essandoh gets the kinds of roles any actor would be proud of. He’s made a name for himself on television series like BBC America’s Copper and HBO’s Vinyl, and has landed on the big screen in movies including Blood Diamond and Django Unchained. But until recently, he’s had trouble ... More

    • Portugal’s Daring Modern Architecture

      Portugal’s Daring Modern Architecture

      A look at the country's most dynamic structures—and why its influence could soon be within reach

      Postcards from Portugal inevitably feature Lisbon's old-world cobblestoned streets or the boat-dotted shores of Porto. But while these images are the ones most people associate with Europe's westernmost country, its stunning modern architecture is threatening to steal the scene. "From Frank Gehry to Rafael Moneo, the world's important architects have paid ... More

    • Q&A: Daniella Alonso

      Q&A: Daniella Alonso

      The Animal Kingdom star on her provocative new series

      Family definitely comes first on Animal Kingdom, the new TNT series premiering this month. Based on the award-winning film of the same name, the series stars Ellen Barkin as the matriarch of the Cody clan (including characters played by Scott Speedman and Shawn Hatosy) that has done most of its ... More

    • Q&A: Charlie Cox

      Q&A: Charlie Cox

      The action star takes a turn on the New York stage

      In 2015, playwright Nick Payne’s Constellations opened on Broadway, telling the story of the relationship—or, really, the seemingly endless possibilities of what could have happened—between a young man and a young woman. The show, which garnered a Tony Award nomination for star Ruth Wilson, featured blink-and-you’ll-miss-them micro scenes that spelled ... More

    • The Magic of Sophie Okonedo

      The Magic of Sophie Okonedo

      An enchanting conversation with the star of Broadway’s The Crucible

      The British actress Sophie Okonedo—you know her from her Oscar-nominated role in Hotel Rwanda—made her first turn on Broadway two years ago in a revival of A Raisin in the Sun, cluing American audiences into something only U.K. theatergoers had previously known: she’s an absolute force of nature on stage. Now, Okonedo ... More