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Tammy Fender

Tammy Fender’s Newest Luxe Skincare Product

The Palm Beach aesthetician and skincare expert launched a Celestial Rose Crème

As a longtime lover of roses as a scent and skincare ingredient, Palm Beach aesthetician and skincare expert Tammy Fender has launched a new product, Celestial Rose Crème. “In the treatment room as an aesthetician, and in creating my skincare collection, I’ve worked with rose since the very beginning,” says Fender. “It is an incredible natural remedy for skin, full of a complex array of vitamins and nutrients, but it also truly encompasses the whole body-mind-spirit connection of what holistic skincare is all about.” While rose is a main ingredient in the luxurious lotion, so is manuka honey, which helps to heal and hydrate even the most sensitive skin types.

Tammy Fender Celestial Rose Crème

Celestial Rose Crème

So, how best to use it? “As a night cream, Celestial Rose Crème can offer deep restoration to the skin tissues,” Fender explains. “Our body is in repair mode during sleep, and this nutritive balm has everything the skin needs to rejuvenate the complexion. But it also brings a sense of receptive openness to the heart.”