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Sollis Health Opens a Beverly Hills Medical Center

Celebrities like Sienna Miller and Dianna Agron are members of this exclusive facility

The only service of its kind, membership-based Sollis Health applies a concierge model to urgent and emergency care, offering its members 24/7 access to state-of-the-art medical treatment. These private facilities, one of which just debuted in Beverly Hills, are staffed by expert ER physicians and equipped with advanced diagnostic imaging such as MRI, CT, ultrasound and X-ray devices, as well as a comprehensive lab onsite, so there is no need to ever visit an ER. “My father and co-founder, Dr. Bernard Kruger, was one of the pioneers of concierge primary care medicine, but when his patients experienced acute, off-hour needs, the last place he wanted to send them was a chaotic ER,” explains Sollis co-founder Ben Kruger.

Whether it’s an emergency, a simple complaint, or anything in between, members know they’ll be treated in a private setting without an appointment or wait. “This means if you cut your hand cooking, you can come in for stitches immediately. Slip on the snow and twist your ankle? You can come in for an MRI,” says Kruger. Celebrities like Nick Kroll, Sienna Miller, Freida Pinto and Dianna Agron are members and love the privacy and attention they receive. We talked to Kruger about this new business model and how 2020 has changed his business.

 Sollis Health’s new Beverly Hills medical center

Sollis Health’s new Beverly Hills medical center

How has COVID-19 impacted your business?

Sollis was one of the first services to provide in-home COVID-19 PCR testing with fast turnaround times and was a leader in developing in-home COVID-19 care, including imaging and oxygen therapy. We’ve been working closely with a number of companies to provide comprehensive testing and to develop back-to-work safety protocols allowing them to reopen safely and responsibly.

What if a member needs a service you don’t offer?

When you need a specialist, we have preferred relationships with the best specialists in New York, Los Angeles and across the globe, so we can facilitate immediate care from the absolute best doctors.

Do you ever send doctors to a patient’s home?

Yes! This kind of bespoke care isn’t limited to our facilities. We offer house calls for convenient COVID-19 testing and care, in-home evaluations, infusions and more.

How are you growing your membership right now?

We’ve developed partnerships with luxury real estate and hotels that are looking to provide residents with concierge medicine as part of their suite of amenities. For example, real estate developer JD Carlisle will be offering a complimentary Sollis Health membership to every resident of their new premium luxury building Madison House in NoMad, New York City.