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Dara Levy of Dermaflash

Smooth Operator in Chicago

Dara Levy of Dermaflash is empowering women to improve their skin

With women everywhere taking control of their skin regimen in the comfort and relaxation of their own homes, this is the time for self-care at home. Dermaflash is a new brand of technologically advanced, clinically proven dermaplaning devices that make the task of achieving a smooth, healthy complexion even simpler. Created at beauty guru and founder Dara Levy’s luxury Med Spa in Chicago, the brand’s multitasking tools including the Dermaflash Luxe and the new Dermapore, which promise to safely improve the quality of skin long-term. “Our signature treatment was our dermaplaning facial,” explains Levy. “Five years and 6,000 dermaplaning facials later, I realized an at-home dermaplaning solution did not exist, so I decided to create it.” We spoke with Levy about this breakthrough technology.

The Dermaflash device

The Dermaflash device

What’s special about this device?

Before Dermaflash, dermaplaning was a little-known treatment that was only available in doctors’ offices or medical spas. All women desire smooth, radiant, fuzz-free skin, yet most do not have access to a spa offering the treatment, and the price of a single session is prohibitive. I decided to bring dermaplaning into the mainstream and empower women to take their skincare concerns into their own hands, on their own schedules, in the safety and comfort of their own homes.

How does it work?

Dermaflash removes dead skin cells, built-up debris and pesky peach fuzz to instantly reveal smooth, radiant and younger skin. It amps up the efficacy of skincare by removing the barrier to penetration, while also creating a flawless canvas for makeup.

What are the benefits?

Dermaflash is first and foremost an exfoliating device with the added benefit of peach fuzz removal. Women grow vellus hair that is light and cottony, and this device was specifically designed for women’s delicate skin.