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A Place to Primp Post-Workout

Glam&Go and Redken are replacing sweaty ponytails with professional blowouts

For busy women without the time to squeeze in a workout and a full-on styling session, the age-old question has always been: great workout or great hair? With Glam&Go, women can now have both. The mini-salons located inside gyms throughout NYC and Miami offer blowouts in less than 30 minutes or quick updos, like a sleek bun or romantic braided crown. One NYC salon can even be found right inside the women’s locker room of David Barton Gym on Astor Place, and others are located in gyms like Equinox and Exhale.

At every location, professional quality products from Redken are on offer. One-time appointments can be booked up to the minute online, but even more appealing is the service’s “Glambassador” membership program. $99 per month gets you an Unlimited Express Membership, which allows you to have your hair styled at any Glam&Go location at any time. The $150 Unlimited Blowout Membership provides unlimited blowouts as well as styling.

Finally, please accept our apology for ruining your best excuse to skip the gym.