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Roberto Coin’s Avant-Garde Collection

The jewelry designer is redefining beauty with his newest collection, Sauvage Privé

Roberto Coin began his professional life in hospitality, but upon discovering the art of fine jewelry at the age of 34, he decided to mix his passions for service and fashion into one. “It was like a breath of fresh air,” Coin recalls. “Something totally new, totally different.” His knack for the creative process did indeed transform the self-proclaimed “wild” young man into a highly regarded designer, but to pay homage to the wildness which remains—in all of us, that is—the designer created the concept of his newest collection, Sauvage Privé.

Born from the French word for wild, the Sauvage Privé line is one of the most avant-garde collections in the Roberto Coin universe, and portrays his vision of embodying the characteristics of the women of the future—women who want to be and wear things that are not merely expensive but unique and born from creativity.

A selection of pieces from Roberto Coin’s Sauvage Privé collection. The designer has taken a more avant-garde approach this season.

“The art of being different is in your genes because you cannot learn creativity in university. Either you’ve got it, or you haven’t got it. And it comes by being yourself,” Coin says. As the designer points out, a creative mind has the ability to identify what is beautiful. Even more, a creative mind has the ability to be privy to beauty’s evolution.

Roberto Coin’s Sauvage Privé collection.

As Coin observed, “The fashion of beauty is not based on price, it is based on beauty.” He continues, “You can buy something inexpensive that is more beautiful than a piece that is expensive. This is fascinating, no? It doesn’t mean that because it’s costly, it’s beautiful.”

To appease the evolving taste of his clientele, and to give each client the opportunity to be unique, Coin’s collection has harnessed a new level of simplicity to best express elegance. “It is avant-garde for Roberto Coin,” the designer admits. “The design is more decisive, we’ve taken away the superfluous and it’s very distinctive. [But it defines] the elegance of the future. If I put [them] on a 17-year-old girl, her mother and her grandmother—I think all three of them could wear the same piece.”

All images: Courtesy of Roberto Coin