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Louise Roe Celebrates 35 Years of Brahmin Bags

We caught up with the style star to talk bags, home design and her mother’s expert advice

Louise Roe is a mainstay in the fashion world, and it’s not just because of her ability to put together a crisp, enviably-Instagrammable #OOTD. The 35-year-old has managed to carve out a career as one of the industry’s leading influencers, and as the face of luxury accessory company Brahmin’s 35th Anniversary collection (shot by her husband, Mackenzie Hunkin) her career has never been hotter.

The multitalented Brit has also recently made a name for herself in the realm of interior design. This summer, her followers caught a glimpse of Roe’s new art-filled L.A. home in a feature in Architectural Digest. Roe’s personal touches included artwork by fellow Instagram sensation Gray Malin and a renovated casement-style shower. While Roe has called Tinseltown home for the past nine years, she admits, “It’s nice to sprinkle in trips to New York and London. It pulls you back to reality a bit.” 

Below, we catch up with Roe in New York City about her new gig as a brand ambassador, why her home renovation was a labor of love, and her mother’s expert shopping advice.

What sparked your decision to become a part of Brahmin’s 35th Anniversary campaign?

They approached me almost a year ago about doing their spring/summer line, and they are such a lovely family-run company and that really resonates down to everyone that works there. There was a lovely vibe on set, and everyone is just happy to be there and loves the product, which is always a good start! They were also extremely open with me being creative about how I styled the looks and where we shot. Mackenzie, my husband, actually shot them, so it was a lot of fun. And then it did well! So now we’re doing this upcoming season.

Do you have a favorite style in the new collection?

I’ve got two actually! The one I’m wearing now, the Envelope Pouch, is just the ultimate classic, timeless piece that you’ll have for ten years and it goes with everything. And the Duxbury Satchel, which is completely different and more of a tall, bowling bag shape. If you’re running around town going to meetings, you might have your lunch or your files in there. You want a bit more space.

What do you value the most when you’re shopping for accessories?

Although mini bags are huge at the moment, they’re cute–but bloody hell they don’t fit anything inside! So you need to be a bit more realistic. You don’t want to be carrying your phone on the outside, and only have your lipstick inside. So it’s that and for me, it’s about what goes with the colors in your wardrobe–my mom’s always had a rule that if you’re going to add something to your closet, first think of three outfits that it goes with. When I was a kid I would think, “Oh what a boring rule, mum,” but now it’s so true and relevant. You can’t just buy something because it’s cute. It has to work and style with what you’ve got. And Brahmin’s palette is very much my taste–the mustard and burgundy to these beautiful cognacs and browns–that all goes with denim, white and black very well. 

What was the most challenging thing for you about the process of completing your new home in LA?

You ask that like you’ve done it, like you feel the pain! 

The funny part is I haven’t even! The closest thing I’ve come to home design is fixing up my East Village apartment, and even that was a labor of love!

That’s still a lot.

So I can only imagine an entire home…

I am really obsessive about it. I think if you’re in the world of design and fashion, home is the same. I can’t live in mess for too long, it just drives me crazy. Whereas Mackenzie doesn’t even notice that it’s there, he could literally live in a tent. And so the worst and best thing was that we gutted the master bathroom, which is right in the bedroom. And you know how they say, double the amount of quoted price and time. But it was worth it in the end!

Did you know before finishing the project that it would be featured in Architectural Digest?

No, because they always want to see photos before they do anything and so that was a huge honor and so exciting! They were lovely to work with as well. I was honestly expecting them to say no because they’re known for being so picky. My style is quite masculine. In fashion I’ll wear those bright colors and print, but at home I want the opposite–a calm, neutral palette. 

You’re based in LA but we’re currently in New York for Brahmin’s anniversary party. Do you feel like your taste or style changes depending on the city you’re in?

It can, but it’s more to do with the weather. Like when you go to London, you have to do jeans, sweater and boots. Whereas in LA, it’s 90 degrees so it lends itself well to a cute romper. But I think I stick to the same chambres and denim–I wouldn’t veer off from something like what I’m wearing tonight

Sometimes I feel like when people come to New York, their mentality automatically goes to wearing all black. Or in Miami, it’s all white!

That’s true! Oh god, Miami is a great example. All white and maybe add in a neon yellow G-string.

Main image: Courtesy of Brahmin