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How to Organize Your Jewelry Collection

Decluttering king Justin Klosky, Founder and Creative Director of the O.C.D. Experience, shares his expertise

What’s the point of amassing an incredible collection of jewelry if it’s jumbled away in a seemingly bottomless drawer, inevitably all knotted together in one (elegant) ball of gems? Here, we give you the tools to keep your sparklers organized and in perfect condition.

As always, we begin with the process of figuring out what can go. Start by separating your jewelry into two piles; one pile for what you wear and one for what you don’t. If you haven’t worn it in years and it has no sentimental value to you, sell it, donate it, give it away or just get rid of it. Keep your antique or sentimental jewelry in a safe or safe deposit box to make sure it stays protected, along with insurance information and an inventory of the contents. With the jewelry you do wear, separate it by type. There should be a maximum of six categories: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, watches and broaches or pendants.

Once you’ve assessed and organized your remaining jewelry, it’s time to find a place to put it. You could buy a jewelry box or have one built for you. There are many companies that allow you to customize jewelry storage in your closet. The area should be lined with velvet to prevent damaging the jewelry. Also, make sure you are building these organizational pieces to the specific sizes of your most prized possessions. When putting your jewelry into or onto your chosen system, keep the items that you wear most often at the top so they are accessible—and always leave space to add to your collection.

Next, start (or update) your inventory and back it up to a USB or your phone in case of a fire or other emergency. Send any insurance information you have on your jewelry to your homeowner’s insurance company so they have it on file. If your jewelry collection puts you over the coverage amount, you should take out a separate policy exclusively for jewelry.

Finally, make sure to have your collection cleaned and stones checked often to keep each piece in perfect shape. And, of course, enjoy your jewels!