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Spinelli Kilcollin Launches A Tennis Collection

The Los Angeles-based jewelry brand debuts its first line of tennis jewelry in the form of earrings, necklaces and bracelets

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Luxury Los Angeles-based jewelry company, Spinelli Kilcollin, which was founded by designer Yves Spinelli and Dwyer Kilcollin in 2010, has become famous for its interlocking rings, amongst other fine jewelry pieces. Recently, its founders decided to modernize tennis jewelry. The resulting two collections: Lumia and Aysa boasts contemporary interpolations of a timeless design. Crafted entirely from 18k white gold and featuring hand-selected natural white diamonds, the Lumia bracelet and earrings feature unique setting designs that create a dazzling visual effect. Each diamond on the Aysa earrings, necklace and bracelet comes in a mix of 18k yellow, white and rose gold or in solid 18k yellow gold.

DuJour spoke with Kilcollin on the occasion of this launch to hear more about the special collections.

What have you always felt was missing from the traditional tennis jewelry pieces you saw on the market?

The classic tennis piece uses a hidden mechanism to create a solid row of diamonds. A solid row of diamonds is, of course, stunning and the hidden hinge mechanism beneath the classic tennis is very clever, but all together it doesn’t feel like a design, it’s just diamonds.

What did you want to create with these pieces?

Round connecting links are the heart of our design identity. Connecting links gives all of our pieces movement and malleability, and they also define the ethos and philosophy of our brand- connection with one another, with the earth, and the interconnectedness of life. We wanted to make connected links foundational to our tennis collection. Double links form the hinging mechanism of the Aysa collection, while spinning pave links connect the Lumia connection.

What makes them special?

Linking and connection are at the heart of our tennis pieces, giving them unique designs and metaphorical significance.

What has been the response from clients?

I think people don’t expect to see a tennis piece that’s really different…until they do. That was our hope. Now that we’ve completed our designs, we’re seeing clients are pleasantly surprised to see an innovative design that is true to our brand. People love the small details, the movements.

How do you like to wear them?

We’re most excited about layering tennis pieces of different stone and metal variations, in the same way we do with our rings. There are a lot of fun textural opportunities there, also in combination with our delicate hand-made chains.