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A Diamond Pro’s Expert Tips

Chris Del Gatto on successfully buying and selling fine jewelry

When it comes time to purchase a diamond or to pare down an extensive collection of baubles and bangles, it takes a veteran of the fine jewelry industry to successfully navigate the bejeweled waters of buying and selling high-end pieces. Chris Del Gatto’s eponymous company does just that, offering numerous ways for proprietors of amazing adornments to de-clutter their jewelry boxes or make an investment that sparkles.

On one hand, DELGATTO’s clients have the option of listing their jewelry on an online marketplace called I Do Now I Don’t, where pieces are visible to potential buyers, and sellers have the option of asking for the highest price point reasonable for the item. “There are so many sites that have some consumer merchandise, but a lot of the products you see on all these sites are really all from the trade. From us, everything on the marketplace is what we call pure play—really from consumers,” says Del Gatto.

1950’s ear clips with 6.5 carat Burma rubies and 8.5 carat white diamonds

Alternatively, DELGATTO purchases pieces directly from clients who don’t want to wait for their item to sell on the online marketplace and sells those pieces to the extensive network of collectors and clients which regularly contacts the dealer in search of specific items. “Someone may be in the market for a four carat oval diamond, and for whatever reason they don’t see it, and we absolutely will find it for them, and because of that demand—we get hundreds of requests everyday—we’re also just able to pay more even if someone isn’t willing to sell something on the marketplace,” says Del Gatto.

As for what’s trending, Del Gatto says: “We’re seeing chunky 1960s, ‘70s jewelry. Organic materials—jewelry that even has wood in it, coral, turquoise—are also in demand right now.”  And if you have any such pieces to sell, the process couldn’t be easier. “You can snap a picture of a bracelet, a ring, a diamond ring, with some information and immediately get a text back from us with an estimate for a direct offer for a check next to the marketplace [price].”

To peruse the jewels for sale, visit idonowidont.com or del-gatto.com, or contact DELGATTO at (212) 681-9550.