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Paul Morelli Madison Avenue

Paul Morelli Opens On Madison Avenue

The fine jewelry brand expands its New York City footprint with a new Madison Avenue flagship on the Upper East Side

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Jewelry brand Paul Morelli has relocated and expanded its Madison Avenue boutique on the Upper East side. The 1,450-square-feet jewel box space showcases a larger variety of its iconic collections in a light-filled and open space. The brand tapped Labo Design Studio founder and principal architect Raffaella Bortoluzzi to imagine the bi-level space. Materials used include lacquered white wood, satin paint finished walls, light gray limestone floor tiles and glass partitions with a translucent rice paper pattern. “In expanding our Madison Avenue store into a space that not only highlights our jewelry creatively, but also feels inviting and light, we are stepping into a new evolution and interpretation of our brand,” said Paul Morelli.