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Cristiano Ronaldo on His New Leg-Hugging Denim Line

Get the legs of a soccer star with these distressed denim creations

When he’s not in his soccer fatigues or on holiday sans-shirt, Cristiano Ronaldo’s customary uniform is a pair of quad-hugging jeans – if not a full-blown Canadian tuxedo. Now, Ronaldo is taking his denim love to the next level with the CR7 Denim collection, which hits shelves next month.

Inspired by the lack of skinny-fit denim that could accommodate his prodigious leg muscles, Ronaldo and the clothing manufacturer Uniti collaborated to create a stretchy yet rugged blend. Starting at $88 a pair, the line utilizes special “CR7 Flex” technology designed for all-day comfort. “CR7 Flex is cotton wrapped around elastane, giving the fabric enhanced stretch and an equal level of recovery capability,” says head designer Chris Allison. But for an upmarket, day-to-Ibiza-nightclub look, try the “Fashion” collection’s upmarket pieces ($144), which boast intricate designs and extra-soft blend.  

After scoring with CR7 Shoes and CR7 Underwear, Ronaldo’s latest leggy venture is sure to be hit with soccer fans and male fashionistas alike. Here, we get the skinny from the Real Madrid MVP himself.

What made it hard to find denim that fit you in the past?

I love denim, but I also have an athletic build, including muscular thighs. In the past, this has often made it difficult for me to find stylish jeans that fit my build properly. I like a skinny fit jean, but that’s always been a particularly difficult one to find for my body type. 

How does the CR7 fiber feel different from regular denim?

In order to develop a line of denim that moves with the wearer, we developed CR7 Flex, the latest in stretch fabric technology that stretches and recovers. It’s designed with comfort in mind, but looks and feels like premium denim, so we didn’t compromise on style or functionality.

What are your favorite denim colors to wear? Do you only wear skinny fit?

I wear all different styles and fits, though I do prefer a skinny or slim fit. As for color I love a variety, from white denim to dark denim, and every shade in between. I also love a little bit of distressing in my denim as it adds a bit more style too.