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600 Pieces of Cartier in One Place

Now at the Grand Palais in Paris: an art history exhibition to make you swoon

There’s a couple hundred reasons that a holiday or new year’s trip to Paris is now even more luxurious, courtesy of Cartier. The French brand that’s stunned the fine jewelry and watchmaking scene and adorned royalty for centuries has put on display this month until February 14 “Cartier: Style and History,” the largest exhibition Cartier has held to date. Featuring over 600 iconic pieces jewelry, tiaras, watches and clocks, the exhibit tells the story of the house’s widespread heritage. The collection, located at the Grand Palais in the Salon d’Honneur wing of the museum, includes iconic archival pieces like the Duchess of Windsor’s Flamingo brooch in 1940 and María Félix’s 1975 Crocodile necklace as well as their current collection of fine watches, incorporating alongside each historical section fashion magazine spreads, dresses and furniture to give exhibition goers a deeper sense of the time period when each piece was made.

María Félix’s Crocodile Necklace (1975), The Duchess of Windsor’s Flamingo Brooch (1940), Barbara Hutton’s Tiger Clip Brooch (1957)

None, however, are available for purchase, but back stateside, Cartier’s traveling fine watchmaking collection is currently at their Dallas boutique. The collection features a number of watches including the Tank MC Skeleton, the Rotonde de Cartier calendar chronograph watch and the Tortue XXL watch, which tells the time for multiple time zones and is cleverly designed with a world map on the watch’s face. It’s a not-to-be missed event for watch enthusiasts in the Dallas area—or anyone looking for the perfect last-minute holiday gift.

Tortue XXL watch with multiple time zones, Rotonde de Cartier perpetual calendar chronograph watch, Tank MC Skeleton watch

“Cartier, Style and History” runs at the Grand Palais in Paris until February 16th, 2014. The travelling fine watchmaking collection will be at Cartier’s Dallas boutique until January 6th, 2014.



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