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An Essential Wine and Champagne Guide

Top trends, must-have gadgets, preferred bottles and more

Picking the perfect bottle of wine or champagne can be a daunting task, especially with the bevy of regions, grapes and blends out there. Luckily, DuJour has compiled a list of everything you need to know about buying the perfect bottle—plus, find helpful tips from famous sommeliers on how to serve, pour and enjoy a glass of wine or bubbly at your next party.

Standout Summer Rosés
Get the scoop on the season’s best bottles—and the mouth-watering dishes you’ll want to serve with them.  

A Chandon Summer
The classic California sparking wine toasts 40 years with a new look by Trina Turk.  

A Summer Guide to Rosé
Your essential primer to the pink drink—from how to choose a bottle to why it isn’t just for women anymore.  

2015’s Wine Mavericks
It’s time to raise a glass to these vino-industry innovators who are changing the grape landscape. 

Great Gift for Wine Lovers
For an innovative and attractive alternative to the ice bucket, try this new gadget.  

5 Family-Friendly Wine Regions
Have your Cab Sav and drink it too on a trip where kids are entertained and parents can relax. 

How to Pair Water with Wine
We’ve been drinking them wrong all along. 

Aldo Sohm’s Top 5 Wines
The famous sommelier shares which bottles he’s obsessed with now. 

A New Breed of Tasting Rooms
Banshee Wine redefines the Sonoma Country wine experience—simply by making it cool.  

America’s Wine Renaissance
Amidst predictions of a global wine shortage, production in the U.S. is rapidly increasing—what gives? Four wine industry experts weigh in. 

Six Wine Accessories You Need Right Now
Sleek, sculptural bottle racks the corkscrew sommeliers swear by and more.

Twist and Shout
No longer relegated to the domain of grocery store shelves, screw-cap wines are mighty fine these days.  

Experts Expose the Truth About Wine Trends
In the first of a three-part series, we reveal the real story about sustainable, organic and biodynamic wine. Is it all it’s cracked up to be?

Chardonnay’s Big Revival
Industry insiders weigh in on the typically shunned white wine.

The Best Reds to Drink Chilled 
Is it déclassé to chill red wine? DuJour explores the curious case of “cold” reds.

Don’t Serve Champagne in a Flute & More Tips
A bubbly expert who’s supped over 8,000 different varieties gives DuJour a lesson in tasting, storage, pairing and more.

A Wine Lover’s Guide to Champagne
Partial to Pinot Noir? Connoisseur of Cabernet? These similar-tasting bottles of bubbly will help you expand your palette. 

A Toast to the Queen of the Champagne World
With help of a powerful CEO, this bubbly brand became the exclusive beverage of the Oscars.  

Fizz First
Why prosecco is set to take spring by storm. 

Everything You Need to Know About Fall Wine
Which grape is best suited for the season? And is drinking rosé after summer a major faux pas?

15 Must-Have Wines for Fall
From bold, hearty reds to refreshing rosés, stock up on the season’s best bottles. 

Give Thanks and Cheer(s)
From magnums of champagne to rare vintages, here’s what sommeliers, top chefs and winemakers are serving alongside their favorite holiday dishes.