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Head of the Summer Workout Class

Fitness instructor Taryn Toomey is taking over Edgartown in July

Fitness guru Taryn Toomey has become famous for her signature mat-based class, a cathartic and grounding blend of yoga, strength training, and cardio called The Class, which she conducts in her Tribeca studio. Toomey, who started teaching the method out of the basement gym of her apartment building, now counts Jennifer Aniston, Naomi Watts, and Christy Turlington Burns as devotees of the workout. For the sixth consecutive summer, Toomey is offering The Retreatment, a weeklong retreat for 40 students taking place July 14 to 20 at Vineyard Arts Project in Edgartown. Instructor Kevin Courtney will begin each day with a morning meditation, followed by Taryn-taught classes for two hours, and then restorative gentle yoga in the afternoon. “Some guests return year after year with a sense of coming back home,” Toomey says. “Others join us for the first time knowing that this week in July holds a special place in our hearts, as it was the first Retreatment program we ever offered.” Jan Buhrman of Kitchen Porch presides over the three daily gluten-, sugar-, and dairy-free meals, which feature farm-to-table fare. Also on offer are healing sessions by Thomas Droge, a cacao ceremony by Not Your Sugar Mamas, and a special beach dinner.

We checked in with the trainer and mother of two to see why she loves Martha’s Vineyard and what she does on the island. From $3,200 per person; taryntoomey.com.

Last year’s Martha’s Vineyard Retreatment

Last year’s Martha’s Vineyard Retreatment

Why is this a good location to host The Retreatment?

Martha’s Vineyard is easy for New Yorkers and Bostonians to hop over to, and yet it still remains quiet and private. They can leave their worries and responsibilities behind without having to travel too far. The island, with its six old-fashioned neighborhoods and beautiful beaches, feels like a home away from home.

What’s special about the island for you?

Being here allows you to disconnect in a different way. It gives you a sense of peace and disconnection from the daily city grind. I love going up-island with my kids, working out, packing lunches, and spending the day at the beach.

Why is Vineyard Arts Project a great venue for this event?

It’s perfect because it has a variety of room types, a gorgeous practice space for The Class, lots of room for family meals, and is a hop, skip, and jump away from downtown Edgartown, so guests have access to quite a lot during their free time. I spent my summers coming to Martha’s Vineyard, and the Vineyard Arts Project has always had a special place in my heart.

What type of attendee do you normally attract?

The environment that the leaders create for the group is one of inclusivity, so that no matter if it’s your first Class or your ninth Retreatment, all are welcome, and a deep community is formed.

What’s new for the brand?

I’m excited to bring our work and mission out to the world on a bigger scale. We’re always growing and thinking of ways to better serve our community.