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Room Request! The Roundtree

Discover a socially distant beach getaway in the heart of the Hamptons

Opening a hotel during a worldwide pandemic isn’t ideal timing to say the least, but when you have the benefit of private cottages and rolling grounds, it’s the perfect socially distant escape. Situated in the quaint town of Amagansett just a mile from the beach, The Roundtree is one of the newest and most picturesque editions to the Hamptons community.  Sitting on two acres of land, the sprawling green meadow is the main hangout for guests, littered with cozy seating vignettes and whimsical cabanas prime for a peaceful day of reading and reflection. With just 15 rooms, the property is intimate enough to feel a sense of seclusion, but has all the luxuries and care of a full hospitality staff.

Kitchen at The Roundtree

The charming main house dates back to the 1700’s and houses reception, a kitchen, and two guest accommodations. If you aren’t a fan of late night/early morning noise, we recommend skipping the main house rooms and booking one of the property’s spacious cottages, which range from studios to three bedrooms. While The Roundtree doesn’t yet have a restaurant, Amagansett is full of spectacular dining experiences that will give you a taste of the area. Take a short idyllic walk down Main Street to Rosie’s for a low key cocktail and classic burger, or cross the street for a more formal experience at Wölffer Kitchen.

Due to the pandemic, hotels in the Hamptons area were not granted beach parking passes this year for guests, but that isn’t a problem for The Roundtree. There is a fleet of basketed beach bikes available to guests in lieu of  driving. If you are craving something sweet after a day in the sun, s’mores are set on the lawn nightly, inevitably leading to a night of laughter and new friends. The laid back, laissez-faire vibe is a stark parallel to the hustle and bustle of New York City just two hours away, and may have you wondering if you’ll ever return to such a life. Below, General Manager Boby Haryadi takes us through the most memorable rooms on property.

Living Room in a 3-Bedroom Cottage at The Roundtree

What’s the most requested room? 

Our cottages have been the most requested accommodation this year following our grand opening June 1, 2020. We have one-, two-, and three-bedroom accommodations set in private cottages featuring large living spaces, inviting family and friends to gather together.

What makes it so special?

Our Cottages are all special in that they are individual units which offer extra privacy and give guests a feeling of having a place of your own. What makes our Three Bedroom cottage unique is that it is over 250 years old but yet, it is completely renovated with modern design details and luxuries. It is also our largest accommodation with over 1,000 square feet of space. With two full bathrooms, a living room, a dining room and a kitchen, it is the perfect “home away from home” for families.

What is the rate?

This Summer, the Three Bedroom Cottage starts at $1,795/night for weekdays, $2,495/night for weekends.

3-Bedroom Cottage at The Roundtree

What room is your personal favorite?

I have many favorites including the Three Bedroom Cottage, the One Bedroom Cottage and the Suites, but my most favorite is the One Bedroom Cottage. The cathedral ceiling, fireplace and the French doors to the bedroom are all unique details of this cottage. There is also a small private garden which is the perfect spot to enjoy a nice glass of wine in the evening.

Any fun facts about the hotel or rooms?

The land where The Roundtree, Amagansett sits is an historic property and was founded by one of the destination’s original homesteading families – the Schellinger’s.  At the time in the 1700’s, the property served as a working farm and did so for many years.