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Room Request! Hotel Victory

Inspired by the seafaring people of Stockholm’s past, the hotel in the city’s Gamla Stan brings history to the forefront

Tucked into the narrow, winding streets of Gamla Stan, the small island of Stockholm’s urban archipelago known as the “Old Town,” Victory Hotel is easy to miss. Its subtle stonework and humbleness is exactly what makes it easy to love—a positively Swedish culture that let’s its design and hospitality do all the talking for it. The hotel boasts a thorough nautical design, reflecting the history of Stockholm as a leading port for the continent centuries ago. Those looking to travel in style though know that the hotel is perfect for anyone looking to balance the history of the city with the modern amenities that make it so enviable to today’s trendsetters. To find out more about the hotel, DuJour caught up with the hotel’s Johanna Olsson.

What’s your personal favorite room?

Captain Johansson’s Suite is filled with vintage rugs and plush amenities that only the captain would have afforded himself in ship that inspired the hotel’s design. Today, it’s popular for hosting wedding parties or guests for a special occasion.

Victory Hotel in Stockholm

Victory Hotel in Stockholm

What’s a fun fact about the hotel?

The flagship of our small hotel in the Old Town of Gamla Stan is housed in a beautiful, 17th century building, and has been receiving guests since 1987. Victory Hotel is part of a family owned hotel company, The Collector’s Hotels. The Bengtsson Family, who owns the hotels, are collectors of antiques and folk art.

What do views from the hotel look out on?

The views from each room look out onto the cozy alleyways of Gamla Stan, along with the hotel’s courtyard.

Victory Hotel in Stockholm

Victory Hotel in Stockholm

What’s the most requested room?

The captain’s deluxe room is often the favorite of guests.

Victory Hotel in Stockholm

Victory Hotel in Stockholm

What makes it so special?

The captain’s deluxe room is located just under the roof, and it has a cozy feeling and two bathtubs in the bathroom, just like the older, traditional suites.

What is the rate?

Our standard double rooms cost about 2600 SEK per night, including breakfast and all taxes.