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Chateau Denmark in London

Room Request! Chateau Denmark

A first look at London’s newest boutique hotel in the heart of Soho

Like West Hollywood’s Sunset Marquis, London’s newly opened Chateau Denmark is all about rock and roll. That’s partly because it’s nestled on Denmark Street, a small cul de sac on the edge of Soho known for encouraging the burgeoning careers of such acts as David Bowie, Lou Reed and the Rolling Stones. (Eventually the entire area will be home to the Outernet, a one-billion-pound music venue with office space.) Operated by CAW Ventures’ Carrie Wicks and Alan Petrie, Chateau Denmark has 55 “session rooms” and apartments across 16 different buildings. They’re split via musical theme, including punk, goth and psychedelic. In turn, the rooms, each named for a lyric from a well-known song, can be gloriously over-the-top. Many feature opulent wallpaper, graffitied four-poster beds, grand stone fireplaces, glossy black furniture, tartan textiles, state of the art sound systems and the occasional naughty touch in the form of say, a pair of handcuffs locked away above the bed, or a full-size in-room maxi-bar chock full of top-shelf liquor. Each booking comes with a personalized butler there to make your stay as pleasurable as possible, whether that means showing you how to use the in-room ice maker or getting you a reservation at London’s branch of the high-end Chinese restaurant Tattu, which is a bit more Instagram and Kardashian friendly than the Chinatown dives you’ll find down the street.

An in-room maxi-bar at Chateau Denmark

An in-room maxi-bar at Chateau Denmark

DuJour spoke with Chateau Denmark’s director, Carrie Wicks, to learn more about this special property.

What’s the most requested room at the property?

All the Sinners, a Townhouse Apartment in the No. 7 Denmark Street building.

What makes it so special?

As with many of the buildings, it’s the architectural detail, provenance and the street’s place in culture. That and the maxi-bar conveniently found opposite the bathtub.

What is the nightly rate for this room?

Rates start from £774

What’s an interesting tidbit about the hotel that speaks to its status as an icon?

While Chateau Denmark isn’t iconic yet, Denmark Street is certainly described that way. It’s a place where The Rolling Stones recorded their debut album, where David Bowie is rumored to have created Ziggy Stardust and where The Sex Pistols once lived. All this while being a place where Chaplin wrote the lyrics to smile, Acid Jazz the label was founded and comic book store Forbidden Plant first started out.

A Deluxe Session guest room at Chateau Denmark

A Deluxe Session guest room at Chateau Denmark

What’s your personal favorite room and why?

I Am Anarchy because it’s the apartment where the Sex Pistols once lived. From the murphy bed to the living space upstairs, offering the perfect view of Johnny Rotten’s caricatures of his bandmates, it’s ideal for forgetting all about sleep.

What special perk or amenity do you offer that no one knows about?

We make our own scent, in partnership with Soapsmith, called Denmark Street London. We also created our own slippers specifically designed with hard soles so guests can walk between the 16 buildings when they need to. Also, our glassware in the maxi-bars has been designed with a bespoke snake bringing some of that playfulness to every part of the experience.

What’s your favorite design element on property?

The maxi-bar because, behind closed doors, the party doesn’t need to end.

How about one more fun fact about the property?

From interior design to team spirit, our guiding philosophy is one of no half measures.
A guest room bath tub at Chateau Denmark

A guest room bath tub at Chateau Denmark