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Hop from One Pole to Another in a Private Jet

An adventure unlike any other

If you’ve ever longed for a luxurious trip that no one in the world has ever taken, now’s your chance. VeryFirstTo—a company that specializes in providing its users with one-of-a-kind experiences—is set to offer an unprecedented expedition in January 2017.

The company just partnered up with Private Jet Tours to offer an excursion from the North Pole to the South Pole over the course of 11 days. Lucky travelers will begin the trip up north in Ivalo, Lapland at the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. There, they can enjoy the area’s most authentic offerings, like ice fishing, husky and reindeer rides and swimming in the icy Bay of Bothnia. After a quick stop in Cape Town, the jet will transport guests to Antarctica where they will experience 24-hours of daylight, stand inches away from the indigenous emperor penguins and even zip-line across a frozen lake. 

Interested? You better act fast since the exciting jaunt—which costs $99,585 per person—can only bring along a maximum of 10 travelers.