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The Ultimate Gig For Any World Traveler

National Geographic is on the search for its next correspondent, and it could be you

National Geographic has steadfastly secured the number one position in covering our planet Earth. What’s even more impressive than their legendary beat? The correspondents that travel the world, uncovering the most obscure facts and mysteries about our planet. Now, it could be your chance to join their ranks.

National Geographic has officially announced Assignment: Explorer by opening its casting to the public for a position within the critically acclaimed Explorer series team as a Digital Correspondent starting January 2017.

Until November 30th aspiring social media stars can submit a 2-3 minute video to AssignmentExplorer.com addressing three questions:

1. If you could explore outer space or the depths of Earth’s oceans, which would you choose – and why?
2. Who or what is interesting in your town? Use interviews to tell the story.
3. What’s next in culture, business, or science that could forever alter our lives?

Submissions with the most votes will be reviewed by a group of advisors, including the Explorer production team and host Richard Bacon. The top three contenders will be chosen based on experience with digital production, but most importantly on raw talent and “unbridled curiosity to investigate the world and all that’s in it.” The three finalists will travel to New York City for a final competition in December 2016 where one person will be named victorious.

Explorer premieres on Monday, November 14th at 10/9c on National Geographic.

Photo credit: @natgeo