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The Return of the Travel Agency

Allow one of these 6 luxury concierge services to plan your next adventure

With the introduction of travel websites like Kayak and Travelocity, people began planning trips for themselves, but travel agents are making a return trip when it comes to setting up the most elite of adventures. These six luxury travel companies will book everything you need—and lots of things you didn’t know you needed—for your next journey.

VIP Travel Experience 
Get connected with carefully screened luxury travel vendors worldwide to make sure you have access to the best restaurants, car services, hotels and activities—someone is on ground to take care of you every step of the way. They specialize is creating custom itineraries for businessmen and businesswomen on holiday and are known to surprise loyal clients with lavish gifts. 

Luxury Concierge Travel 
If you have a taste for extreme and over-the-top experiences, Luxury Concierge Travel will meet your needs. Calling themselves travel “designers,” the team at LCT resents the word “package” as each detail of the itineraries they plan is hand-picked specifically for that guest. Not only do they have a partnership with the Signature Travel Network, guaranteeing exclusive rates and amenities, they will also organize your travel documents. 

Black Tomato 
For the curious crowd, Black Tomato will do the digging for you and present you with a boundary-pushing cultural experience. Their unique excursions will take you from California to Bora Bora in one trip and put you in the hands of a ninja in Japan on another. 

The Bluefish 
This Los Angeles-based company made a name for itself in the ‘90s as the ultimate underground members-only society. Membership to The Bluefish, which can book anything from submarine excursions to flights to space, costs $5,000 per year plus the costs of whatever you book.

Posh Voyage 
If you need to get away but have no idea where to start, sit down with Posh Voyage, a travel concierge that specializes in narrowing down options to pinpoint the best in luxury tourism. The posh voyager is a savvy, stylish and first class globetrotter who appreciates a good recommendation. The staff at Posh Voyage knows from experience which hotels are the best and what to do in a destination, making them the perfect company to take the reins when it comes to planning your vacation.

Fischer Travel
Never heard of Fischer Travel? That’s probably because this company does not advertise, doesn’t have a website and only accepts members on a referral basis. For a one-time $100,000 fee and an additional $25,000 per year, this extremely exclusive and high-end concierge will knock down walls for you. Literally. They once convinced a hotel to break down a wall to expand a suite at a client’s request.