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Inside the Star-Studded HBO Luxury Lounge

Presented by Ancestry at the Four Seasons, the invite-only sanctuary offered celebs uber-luxe pampering before the Golden Globes

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The days leading up to the Golden Globes are exciting but nerve-wracking for Hollywood stars. Those who are nominated are waiting with baited breath hoping that they will be called up on the night of, while simultaneously preparing for their next moment in the spotlight. It’s an exhausting time for talent who go from event to event and outfit to outfit, always looking their best, even if they’re not feeling exactly like a winner. It’s only natural the celebs indulge in a little downtime, which is where the HBO Luxury Lounge presented by Ancestry at the Four Seasons comes in.

Golden Globe nominees took a break from their star-studded obligations to attend the exclusive, invite-only lounge where they were treated to everything from brow touch-ups by renowned guru Lucy Hart Ink to luxe hair treatments at Obliphica Professional. Boiron Homeopathic remedies were available on-site for the dreaded colds that come after the excitement of the show while shots of Don Julio Tequila were a favorite especially for talent looking for some liquid courage before heading to the Ancestry room to build their family trees, and unlock family secrets! Click through the gallery above to see how some of the night’s stars treated themselves at the HBO Luxury Lounge.