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Collecting Classic Cars

Looking to buy an antique ride? The experts at Hagerty are here to help

There’s no better time to purchase that vintage Ferrari you’ve been eyeing—just ask the collector car market pros at Hagerty.

The world’s oldest insurer of vintage cars—and certified aficionado of the trade—Hagerty has released a new, first-of-its-kind numerical rating tool dubbed the Hagerty Market Rating. The system—using a 0-100 scale—applies a weighted algorithm to fifteen data points in eight categories to paint an accurate picture of the health and strength of the collector car market each month.

“A large component of this rating is based on private-owner-to-private-owner-sales, which is the most elusive and difficult data to obtain,” says Hagerty CEO McKeel Hagerty. “We developed this as a tool to allow anyone who is serious about treating collector cars as investments to immediately take the temperature of the classic car market and truly understand the factors that cause the classic car market to move up or down.” 

This month’s rating is at the all-time high of 70.22, up from last month’s grade of 68.91. So whether you’re an experienced investor or a rookie simply looking to dabble in the vintage car collecting waters, it’s worth taking advantage of the peak performing market right now to score your dream roadster.