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You’ve Got (Delicious) Mail

The most unique gourmet food delivery services across the U.S.

Sending flowers is a nice way to thank a Hamptons hostess or wish your dad a happy birthday, but sending gourmet charcuterie? Now that’s a delivery that will elicit more than just polite thanks. That’s the genius of curated cuisine packaged and shipped in less time than it would take to pick out a color scheme for your bouquet. It’s simple, thoughtful and pretty delicious. Here, we explore the companies that do it best.



Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches

Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches from Goldbely

The foodstuff experts at this dot com find the most coveted, extraordinary foods in each city and make them available to customers everywhere. The site is excellent for a pizza connoisseur craving a slice of Chicago’s Lou Malnati’s deep dish while residing in Connecticut or a Seattle resident who’s heard of New York and Los Angeles’s famous Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches but hasn’t had the chance to give them a try. Goldbely ships these iconic food favorites and more.




Bloody Mary mix from Mantry

Bloody Mary mix from Mantry

Meat-loving guys (and girls!) can benefit from this monthly food mailing service that has a strong emphasis on hearty, stick-to-your-ribs staples. For an example of a past box, look to the Mountain Main. It housed Dragon’s Blood Elixir Hot Sauce, Vermont Smoke & Cure Pepperoni, Dancing Deer Co. Buttermilk Pancakes, Juniper Ridge Douglas Fir Spring Tip Tea, Real Steak Jerky Chipotle Cracked Pepper and Mikuni Wild Harvest Bourbon Barrel Matured Maple Syrup.




Tea from Steepster

Tea from Steepster

Tea snobs will be big fans of this service. The pros at Steepster scour the world for the best, most unique teas and mail them monthly to your door. Each package comes with a flight of five teas, tasting notes and any specific brewing instructions they may require. You’ll never be stuck in an Earl Gray rut again.



Carnivore Club

Highly curated meats, like French charcuterie, Italian salumi and Spanish chorizo, are sent regularly to the discerning carnivore in your life. The club prides itself on sourcing products from ethically treated animals and sending as many local ingredients as possible.




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