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A Delicious Guide to Luxury Desserts

Sugary delights you won’t be able to resist

Craving dessert? You’re in luck. Below, DuJour has rounded up the perfect guide to help satisfy any sweet tooth. Read about luxurious (and decadent) treats like gold-adorned cupcakes and Dom Perignon-infused truffles—plus, find out where you can enjoy the most expensive chocolate in the world. 

The 9 Most Luxurious Desserts Ever
From gold-flecked macarons to Dom Perignon-infused truffles, here are some of the most exquisite treats ever created.

A Dessert Mastermind’s Covetable Confections
Bouchon Bakery director Alessandra Altieri dishes on her (sweet) career. 

Where to Eat the Most Expensive Chocolate in the World
The Trump SoHo New York is offering the sweetest new package. 

A $900 Cupcake
Check out a Toronto bakery’s gilded cupcake creation. 

Karats and Cream
Designer Anna Sheffield’s new jewelry inspired collaboration with Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream is just as heavenly as it sounds.

Edible Art in Chocolate Form
A Dallas sweets shop sells treats (almost) too beautiful to eat.

Taste-Testing Haute Treats
We enlist the help of two kid food critics to judge all that’s sweet and sour.

Christina Tosi’s Sweet Sensation
Introducing the perfect cookbook for die-hard dessert (and Milk Bar) fans.

Bubby’s Summer Sweets
Shaved ice and homemade syrups make for the perfect seasonal confection.

8 Reasons to Skip the Fruitcake
Gift ideas for those who make “eat, drink and be merry” their holiday mantra.

Lanvin Collaborates with Ladurée
Two Parisians pair up, and the result—bubble-gum flavored!—is sweet and super-chic.