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Gadget DuJour: The All-Chrome Kitchen

A juicer, knife sharpener and wine server that’ll make you mad for metallic

Kitchens are filled with appliances that live tucked away behind closed cabinet doors—like that silly immersion blender, or the rice cooker you so ambitiously bought years ago after a fleeting moment of culinary inspiration. Here’s an idea: invest in something that’s beautiful enough to keep on your counter and you might just be more likely to use it. We’re partial to the sleek style of these silver, stainless steel and chrome pieces below.



Professional Knife Sharpener

Your fancy knife collection deserves to be cared for in a similarly fancy fashion, and that’s where Brød & Taylor comes in. The company’s stainless steel knife sharpener has ultra-hard tungsten carbide surfaces that promise to sharpen your collection for 10- to 15 years. To use, just slip the blade into the v-shaped slot and the sharpener will adjust automatically to accommodate the size and thickness of your knife. The unit is compact enough to slide into the cupboard, but you’ll likely be tempted to keep it out on display. 

Professional Knife Sharpener, $119, Brød & Taylor, brodandtaylor.com (available for pre-order; estimated ship date September 15)



Squeeze Wine Server

Squeeze Wine Server

Italian designer Claudio Colucci created this sculptural wine server for Christofle, the famed Parisian brand known for its sleek silver dinnerware. The piece not only offers a gorgeous way to present wine—it also functions as a wine Bottle Drop ring and bottle opener.

Squeeze Wine Server, $530, Christofle, us.christofle.com



Masticating Juicer Nutritional Center

Masticating Juicer Nutritional Center

The market for juicers is overwhelming to say the least, but Omega’s Masticating Nutrition Center is the only one you need to know. The device is especially suited for firm vegetables—like kale and chard—that tend to cause jams in other juicers. But juice is only one of the unit’s many talents: it can also be used to grind herbs, chop garlic and make things like almond butter, soy milk and even pasta.

Masticating Juicer Nutritional Center, $329.99, Omega, bedbathandbeyond.com



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