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Ask A Wedding Expert: The Glamping Wedding

Plan outdoorsy nuptials with a luxurious twist

Looking to plan outdoor nuptials but want the big day to still feel elevated? A glamping wedding might just be right for you. We spoke with Rebecca Martin, CEO and Co-Founder of Terra Glamping, a Brooklyn-based glamping events company with extensive experience hosting glamping-centric events on the East Coast and in Canada. Terra Glamping is where “modern luxury and the milky way collide,” offering couples the chance to celebrate under the stars without foregoing the upscale feel that the occasion deserves. Here, Martin shares how to bring nature into your wedding, the high-end way.

What type of couple is a glamping wedding right for?

A glamping wedding is perfect for a couple wants to create a unique experience for their guests. Glamping combines the very best of nature, outdoors and can still be incredibly high-end. When planning a glamping wedding, the bride and groom can have an entire weekend of activities for their guests, beyond the ceremony and reception.

How can the bride do a glamping bachelorette party?

Glamping bachelorette parties are all about celebrating with the ones you love most. We have groups who do wine tastings, spend afternoons at a spa, bring in private chefs to create amazing meals and are able to escape the distractions of everyday life. We so frequently go into hotel rooms, mindlessly turn on the TV or open our computers. But glamping takes away that distraction and gives people time to really connect with one another.

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What is important to keep in mind when choosing a nontraditional wedding venue?

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that a nontraditional wedding venue will mean you have to bring many or all of the elements in, that means electricity, bathrooms, showers, and beds. Keep this in mind when you are planning your budget.

How can you do an outdoorsy wedding while keeping it sophisticated?

Being in nature doesn’t mean that you have to be dirty or uncomfortable. We create the most luxurious camps with sleeping tents that are on par with a 4 star hotel, including memory foam mattresses topped with Frette linens. Tenting has come a long way from plastic sheeting, and glamping tents are created with crisp natural canvas, and are decorated with beautiful furniture. Guests can still enjoy gourmet meals, spend their day in the fresh air and then take a hot shower before gathering in front of a campfire and s’mores station, which has been set up by the camp butler.

What is your #1 tip for a glamping wedding?

The best part of that is that you have complete and total control over the look and feel of your wedding, you can create the wonderland of your dreams with nature as your backdrop. You aren’t confined by the four walls of a hotel or venue. Mother Nature really does it better than anyone else.