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Ask A Wedding Expert: Pre-Wedding Cosmetic Procedures

The most popular treatments requested by brides—and when to schedule them

Pre-wedding beauty has gone beyond brides getting their makeup and nails done before the big day. Whether you’re looking for a little refresh (injectables, Coolsculpting) or an even more eye-popping change, there are many options available for the bride who wants to take their beauty treatments to the next level. To get a rundown of the most popular bridal procedures—and how early to book them—we went to the office of Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Joseph A. Russo, who trained at Harvard Medical School before opening his Newton, Massachusetts practice, which does everything from cellulite reduction to fine-line filling and more ahead of your ceremony. Here, Sloane Mathieu, medical aesthetician at the office of Dr. Russo, breaks down the most-requested procedures for brides and how early to schedule them.

What are popular treatments for brides to request before their wedding?

Some brides want to overhaul their body for the occasion, and on that end, Dr. Russo offers the HCG Diet, which is a comprehensive lifestyle change. The program involves counseling, menu development, and medical assistance on a weekly basis. Approaching this at 12 to six months out gives the bride ample time to adjust to the change in her body and dress size, as well as an opportunity to fine tune the results with a series of body contouring treatments such as Coolsculpting for stubborn areas, or Velashape to reduce cellulite. These problems may be concealed by a gown, but many brides choose these treatments for when they are frolicking on the beach after the wedding.

How long before the wedding should brides consider getting these treatments?

The similar time frame, at 12 months, should be applied to corrective and surgical procedures. Sometimes planning the wedding itself is a big enough lifestyle change—like a full time job—and we understand that a diet may be the last thing anyone wants to add to their to-do list. A lift or liposuction can take a full year for residual swelling, bruising and sensation to return to normal. Furthermore, it takes time to adjust to the changes so you can settle into your new skin.

For a bride looking for a little refresh with no downtime, what treatment(s) would you recommend?

Fillers and Botox can create a more youthful and rested appearance, with virtually no down time. It works wonders for smoothing the stress lines, lifting the cheeks, and plumping the pout. The first trial should be scheduled four to eight months out. This time frame allows the provider to build up in the initial treatment or tweak any subsequent treatment to achieve the desired result.

For brides dreaming of a beach getaway, there is no better feeling than leaving the razors, the makeup, or even the bikini at home. There is microblading for always-finished looking eyebrows, laser hair reduction so they can skip the shave, vein and sun damage removal so they can go into their honeymoon with confidence. These options should be explored six months out to establish a timeline.

Of course, some women couldn’t be bothered with such worries. Whatever the preference, it’s important for all brides to dedicate some time to themselves. Book a Hydrafacial or our signature Laser Genesis, which combines a rejuvenating laser therapy and a finishing facial. A small effort can improve the quality of your skin, leaving you glowing and radiant for your big day. There are so many options for every expectation. It’s important that the bride finds someone that will understand her needs and can walk her through planning the experience.