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Ask A Wedding Expert: Getting Married in Palm Beach

Discover how to add seaside touches, even if your wedding isn’t on the beach

Chiara Tacca, nicknamed the “love doctor” at Hilton West Palm Beach, is known for the passion she brings to every couple’s big day and for her out-of-the-box wedding touches. Have you ever been to a wedding with outdoor lawn games that glow in the dark? Tacca has planned weddings featuring just that. While working for Hilton, Tacca has become an expert in Palm Beach weddings, creating both indoor and outdoor events, often inspired by the locale’s warm weather and proximity to the water. Here, Tacca talks what she loves about West Palm Beach weddings and shares how to bring the seaside vibe to your nuptials, no matter the location.

How did you get started in wedding planning?

In college, I focused on classes in Meetings and Event Management, which involved planning many on-campus events. I quickly discovered my passion for creating experiences and orchestrating events. After college, I started a career with Hilton Worldwide where I was able to learn more about hosting once in a lifetime events. I soon learned that weddings were an exciting opportunity to work with couples to make their dreams come true. There is no better feeling than taking an idea and seeing all the personal details and planning come together on one night.

Why does Palm Beach make the perfect wedding location?

The name Palm Beach alone affords itself as a luxurious and chic destination. It has the glitz and glamour that brides are searching for with the long standing history of Henry Morrison Flagler and ritzy Worth Avenue as well as the trendy, up-and-coming art scene featuring colossal murals throughout the downtown. With the sun shining on the palm tree lined streets, it provides a gorgeous backdrop for wedding photos and memories for decades to come.

Is there a best time of year to get married in West Palm Beach?

Yes, the best times of year are January-April and October-December. The air is crisp and there is less chance of showers. Plus your friends and family from the frosty North will love you!

Do many of your clients opt for outdoor weddings?

Whether it be just the ceremony or cocktail hour, most of the couples that I work with opt to have some portion of their wedding outside. That is part of what makes Palm Beach so special—our gentle breeze from the sway of the Florida Palms.

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What are you top tips for outdoor weddings?

Our Florida sunshine can be quite strong, so I always try to encourage outdoor events to take place closer to sunset time. Plus it looks better for photos! Also, make sure that you love your weather back-up option. There are times when the weather may not cooperate (rain is good luck, right?) so always having a plan B ready is super important. I always like to make sure that if the ceremony is outside, that an infused water station is available to keep guests hydrated as well. Let your guests know that part or all of the wedding is outside so they can dress appropriately whether that be for temperature or footwear. Nothing is worse than wearing heels to an outdoor ceremony and sinking into sand or grass.

What are some ways to add a seaside feel to a wedding without actually getting married at a seaside location?

The color palette is key to keep to this theme—think shades of blue, khaki, white, gold or silver for your linens and décor elements. Small personalized details like starfish place cards or seashell and driftwood centerpieces also help to incorporate the theme. Food can also play a role in setting the tone whether that be seafood set in an ice sculpture or mini fish and chip cones passed at cocktail hour. Keep flip flops for your guests in a basket by the dance floor to provide a little treat for their dancing feet!

What’s your best advice for the day of?

Stay calm, eat and stay hydrated. The day is such a whirlwind and couples often forget to just take a deep breath and take it all in and remember the reason that they are getting married in the first place.


Main image: pinterest.com