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24 Hours With Chef Gabriel Kreuther

Spend a day with this master chef who recently took over as the Culinary Director at the Baccarat Hotel

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Before bringing his culinary mastery to the states, Chef Gabriel Kreuther got his start at Michelin-starred kitchens throughout Germany, France and Switzerland. His next stops included La Caravelle and Jean-Georges Central Park in New York before moving on to an Executive Chef  role at the much lauded Atelier in the Ritz-Carlton and The Modern, both in New York. Now, he is celebrated in the food industry as a Michelin-starred chef and owner of Gabriel Kreuther Restaurant and Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate. In addition, Kreuther recently took position of Culinary Director at the esteemed Baccarat Hotel.

As a true collaborator with a passion for aiding the community, Kreuther will be participating in “From New York to New York” with Chef Adam Hill of Manzo at Eataly NYC. This is a guest chef series featuring one chef each month, celebrating all things local from charities to farms and of course, chefs. The collaboration will culminate in the creation of a special dish each month using ingredients from these local producers with a portion of proceeds donated to Grow To Learn by GrowNYC. To kick off the premier of his dish on Manzo’s menu, Chef Kreuther and Chef Hill will join forces and host an exclusive 4-course collaborative dinner at Manzo on September 12.

From gathering local ingredients at Union Square Farmers Market to pre-shift gatherings with his team, see how Kreuther spends his days running around New York effortlessly. View the gallery above to spend the full 24 hours with Chef Gabriel Kreuther.