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Dan Abrams

Dan Abrams’ North Fork News

The news anchor, author and, now, owner of EV&EM Vineyards, shares what he loves about the North Fork

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Dan Abrams, the chief legal affairs correspondent for ABC News and host of Dan Abrams Live on NewsNation, is the founder and owner of EV&EM Vineyards vineyard and tasting room on Long Island’s North Fork. The 44-acre property dates back to 1984, boasting some of the area’s oldest vines, which originally supplied grapes to Long Island Wine Growers before becoming a full-fledged winery in 1996. Recently, Abrams, who has a home in Flanders, purchased the vineyard and worked closely with managing partner Vanessa Price to rebrand the vineyard (now named after his two children Everett and Emilia). EV&EM showcases three wine collections–EV&EM, Ev&em2, and Reserve–all with a focus on an array of French grape varieties.

DuJour talked with Abrams, who’s been coming to the Hamptons for 25 years, to learn about the new venture and what he loves about the North Fork.

What do you love about the North Fork?

It feels like Montauk circa 1998. Everything feels local, unaffected and gorgeous.

What’s your favorite North Fork memory?

First time I went wine tasting on the North Fork. I was amazed at the quality of (some) of the wines.

How did you get into the wine and hospitality game?

I was a partner in a restaurant called The Lion and then White Street but had always dreamed of owning a vineyard. I have had a wine collection for almost 30 years.

What was special about this vineyard that you wanted to acquire it in 2021?

The moment I walked in, I recognized the untapped potential, at first in the physical space perched above the 42-acre property and then when I got to spend some time with the vines and wines I knew with some significant investment and changes we would have a fantastic luxury winery.

What’s your favorite wine varietal?

I tend to be a cabernet and pinot noir drinker.

What wines have you released thus far? What’s next?

We offer three wine collections–EV&EM, Ev&em2 and Reserve–with around 2-8 wines in each tier. We are slowly rolling out the Reserve tier of our 2022 vintages, and are in the process of redesigning our wine bottles to reflect the stripes that are showcased on our rosé.

Favorite places in the North Fork to visit?

Main St Biscuit is our go to for brunch–best pancakes I have ever had anywhere. Schmidt’s farmstand is a must for their horseradish mustard and Harbes Farm is an amazing place for the kids.